Wrock Spotlight: Fantastic Beasts Wrock?

This month, our Wizard Rock Spotlight is a little bit different. With the beginning of a new era in the Potter fandom, I am hoping that soon we will see a new wave of wizard rock music to match. About a month ago, I sent out a call to the Twitterverse, hoping it would be answered with at least some artists producing songs about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Sadly, I didn’t have much luck, though I did get word that some groups have plans in the works. Maybe I was just a little early.

I’m no musician, but as a fan of wrock, I say to you wrockers out there: COME ON, PEOPLE!

I know I’m not the only one jonesin’ for some tasty tunes about Newtina, Grindelwald, and Billywigs. I can only listen to the Beasts soundtrack so many times.

However, if you feel the same and want some wrock about fantastic beasts, here are some older selections that might ease your jones.

If you like Acromantulas, try “Follow the Spiders” by Harry and the Potters.



If you are evil, you might like this song called “Hippogriffs Deserve to Die” by Draco and the Malfoys.



If you’re in love with werewolves, check out “Werewolf Love” by Tonks and the Aurors.



Also, there’s the delightful ditty “Nargles Stole My Socks” by the Blibbering Humdingers, which includes several pesky beasts.



“A Mandrake’s Lament” examines the woefully misunderstood creature/plant.



Another beautiful ballad is “Dragons and Beasts” by Ginny and the Heartbreakers.



If you’re scared of the undead, maybe don’t listen to “Zombies!” by the Mudbloods.



Oh, and did you know that there’s an entire podcast narrated by the giant squid? Well, now you do. You’re welcome.

If you or someone you know is releasing any wizard rock about Fantastic Beasts (or Cursed Child, for that matter), you can drop me a line at emily@staff.mugglenet.com, and you or someone you know may be featured in an upcoming Wizard Rock Spotlight!

Emily Sniegowski

Emily is a librarian whose love of Harry Potter began in 2001 as a third grader. She loves magic and stories of all kinds, particularly the Potter and Disney kinds. She reads, dances, sings, and occasionally writes for MuggleNet.com.