J.K. Rowling Reveals Salazar Slytherin’s Namesake

Though she’s been known to answer fan queries on Twitter in the past, it’s been a while since the Queen has let drop any new Potter info on the social networking site. Her trivia hiatus ended today with an intriguing bit of information about none other than the founder of Hogwarts’ most notorious House.

It began with the observation of an attentive fan, who wondered if Slytherin’s first name was inspired by the time Rowling spent living in Portugal. The writer was quick to confirm the fan’s hunch:



If you don’t know much about António Salazar, who served as Prime Minister of Portugal for 36 years (1932–1968), it certainly seems fitting that his name inspired one of Rowling’s most wicked characters. During his rule, Salazar severely limited political freedoms and employed a special police force to silence dissidents.

It’s always interesting to observe the variety of sources Rowling used when developing the Potter series – let’s hope she continues to share more in the coming days!

Jessica J.

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