Hermione Granger and the Beast

I absolutely loved the Beauty and the Beast remake; I thought it improved on the original. While I was watching, I couldn’t help but make Harry Potter comparisons.


Hermione as Belle




There are plenty of similarities between Hermione and Belle. Apart from the fact that they are played by the same actress, they are both brave, independent, intelligent, and interested in books. Even though they are initially seen as outsiders from their communities, they both grow and become incredibly strong women who fight for what they believe in.


Snape as Beast




Both of these characters are misunderstood and more complex than they initially appear. Despite their first impressions and initial behavior, they prove to be better men.


Cormac McLaggen as Gaston




Gaston is self-obsessed, arrogant, and vain, which are qualities Cormac McLaggen shares. Both of these characters think incredibly highly of themselves and are quite determined in their respective pursuits. However, Gaston does take it a bit too far.


Arthur as Maurice




Arthur and Maurice are both eccentric parents who, despite their oddities, love their children. They do what they can to support their children and make them happy.


Molly as Mrs. Potts




Both these women are incredibly maternal. They offer what they can to the protagonists as well as take care of their own children.


What do you think of my list? Are there any other characters you would cast? Let us know in the comments!

Minal Daswani

I entered the wizarding world in 2006, and haven’t left. In my Muggle time, I enjoy reading, bingeing TV shows, baking, and travellng.