Albus and Scorpius Replica Wands Now Available from “Cursed Child” Shop!

Been missing Hogwarts ever since you saw the curtain fall at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Now you can bring a little West End magic back home with newly available replica wands from the Cursed Child online shop!

The wands used in the production are just as beautifully crafted as those we’ve seen in the Harry Potter films, so it makes sense that – just as with our favorite film characters’ wands – replicas are now available for sale. For now, only replicas of Albus’s and Scorpius’s are available, each retailing for £32.

Set designer Christine Jones is behind the wands’ designs and spoke to Pottermore about her inspiration for each one.

When designing the wands, I read as much as I could about wandlore from Pottermore and was inspired by all the kinds of wood. I looked at pictures of trees and branches, in section and in close up, and mostly tried to channel the spirits of the actors and let those move my pencil.

[For Albus’s wand] I looked at cherry blossom buds you see on cherry tree branches and incorporated the feeling of them into the texture. I imagined that Albus would be able to find comfort in running his fingers across them the way you might rub a worry stone. He has a lot to sort out, and I imagined his wand as a comfort as well as a magical force.

Scorpius’s wand is more rough-hewn. There are dark patches and light patches, and in my mind the markings are the markings of time. I imagine he might have carved them himself as a way of forming his identity by marking time and his presence in the carvings.

Get a closer look below:

Albus Potter’s Wand



Exclusive to the Harry Potter and [t]he Cursed Child Store is this beautiful official prop replica of Albus Potter’s wand. The wand measures approximately 34[ ]cm.


Scorpius Malfoy’s Wand



Exclusive to the Harry Potter and [t]he Cursed Child Store is this beautiful official prop replica of Scorpius Malfoy’s wand. The wand measures approximately 32[ ]cm.

Both wands come in a protective presentation box and a warning that these are collectibles, not toys – they are liable to break if handled roughly!

The wands are now available at the Palace Theater, or you can buy them online.

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