Arthur Weasley Meets Siri

It was a lovely evening in London as Arthur was leaving the Ministry of Magic, so he decided to take a stroll before he headed home. Well, the streets are quite crowded in the evening with Muggles also departing from their jobs, and Arthur’s leisurely walk quickly turned into a round of bumper cars. After a particularly rushed Muggle man in a suit collided with Arthur and ran off, Arthur noticed a strange device on the ground. He tried to find the man to return it, but it was too late. He decided to take a seat on a nearby bench to wait and see if the man returned for his device.

Arthur’s curiosity was piqued by the device. It was quite plain-looking, and Arthur believed it to be electronic. Arthur pressed the large button on the front. The entire device lit up suddenly but then faded to a message asking for a “passcode.” Arthur held his thumb on the button to see if a new message would appear when suddenly, one did! In fact, the device even asked to help him!



“Well, isn’t that amazing. Those Muggles think of everything,” Arthur said in wonder to the screen. He was taken aback when the device responded to him.






Arthur was perplexed by this answer, but fascinated nonetheless. He figured this “Siri” must be some sort of know-it-all device for Muggles. He decided to use Siri to his advantage…



Astounding! Finally, Arthur found his answer! A rubber duck is a TOY! This seemed a bit strange to Arthur, but he was not about to doubt the knowledge of this assistant, Siri.



Arthur decided to go with Siri’s suggestion and asked her to send a message to Susan for him. He did not know who Susan was or where he was meeting her, but he trusted Siri to help him along the way. 



For the first time, Arthur was disappointed and perplexed by Siri. He pressed her, thinking perhaps she was mistaken or had simply forgetting who Susan was.



Arthur was confused. Siri did not offer any solution, only repeated herself. He wondered if there was something troubling her…

Before Arthur could ask Siri if she was all right, a man’s voice shouted, “HEY!” and made Arthur jump out of his seat. The yelling man bounded up to him and snatched the device from his hand, exclaiming “That’s my phone!”

“Phone?” Arthur asked, but he shrugged away his question when he realized this was the man he bumped into before. “Ah, yes. You dropped this device earlier in your haste, and I waited here to return it to you. I’ve met Siri. She is a great help, but I am afraid something may be troubling her.”

The man looked at Arthur in astonishment, but quickly his expression turned to a look of concern. “Something is troubling… Siri?” the man asked. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I believe so. She seems to have forgotten who Susan is and started repeating herself.”

“I see… did you speak with Siri for long?” the man inquired.

“Oh, yes. Goodness! Is it that time already? I suppose Siri and I spoke for nearly 30 minutes, then,” Arthur replied.

The man slowly put the device in his pocket, but the look of concern was still plain on his face. “All right, sir. I think you should come with me, and we can help you – er, Siri – with whatever is so troublesome.”

“I’m sorry, but I must decline. I should be getting on now. Molly will be worried. However, I do hope you are able to aid Siri,” Arthur replied, turning around.

“Will you be okay on your own getting home? Would you like me to drive you?” the man asked, putting his hand on Arthur’s shoulder.

“Quite all right, thank you…” Arthur said, perplexed.

“Well, sir, I hope you make it home all right to Molly. Please, contact me should you ever wish to discuss… Siri,” the man said, handing Arthur what he recognized as a Muggle contact card.

“I will. Good evening to you,” Arthur said with a smile. He turned around and studied the card.



He walked down the street toward his Ford Anglia, wishing he could ask Siri what a “psychiatrist” is.