Worlds Collide in Filming of “Strike: The Silkworm”

The first episodes of BBC’s Strike have lived up to high expectations, creating an incredibly immersive world that we’ve loved so far. This week, Holliday Grainger, who plays Robin Ellacott on the show, revealed an interesting detail about this world: While J.K. Rowling published the original novels under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, some scenes from the show were shot at the real Galbraith publishers!

Grainger said this hilarious coincidence was due to the natural setting of The Silkworm, thanks to Rowling’s writing prowess:

Going there was great because we definitely saw a copy of [The] Silkworm…The three books, [The] Cuckoo’s Calling, [The] Silkworm and Career of Evil, all feel like they have very different tones and they’re set in very different worlds. The Silkworm is set in the publishing world, which is presumably something that JK Rowling knows quite a lot about.

That’s not the only filming location Grainger loved! The actress also gushed about the beauty of London’s skyline and the breathtaking view of the city:

We’d been filming in Soho a lot and bits of Kensington and east London for The Cuckoo’s Calling…The skyline of the buildings next to the River Thames has such a grandeur and a beauty to it…When we were filming on the rooftop of the publishers, I realized that I myself hadn’t been to that part of London for a while. You stand there going, ‘God, London is actually beautiful. It’s epic’.

Grainger also spoke about her character, Robin, who is making her way from a job as Cormoran Strike’s secretary to his partner in crime-solving:

She’s not just vaguely interested; she wants to be on the ground…She’s smart, and she’s intuitive, and she wants to put those skills into practice. She wants to be a detective.

We’ll get to see more of Robin and Strike in 2018, when Strike: Career of Evil premieres. Catch up on Strike here, and take a peek at the filming location for Career of Evil here!