Ciao, Italia! Quidditch World Cup Heads to Florence!

Quidditch fans, gather ’round! The International Quidditch Association has announced that it’s headed to Italy for the 2018 Quidditch World Cup!

Florence, Italy, will be the host city, with the Cup lasting from June 27, 2018, until July 2, 2018. Thirty-one teams are expected to compete, which makes this World Cup the largest in quidditch history! Over 500 players will participate in the tournament. One of the lucky teams selected to compete is Iceland, who will be attending for the first time! Til hamingju, Ísland!

The IQA is partnering with the Human Company, which expressed its excitement for the tournament.

We are delighted with the IQA decision to award us the next Quidditch World Cup: we worked with conviction and determination on the candidacy bid on behalf of our Group and the City of Florence, not least because we are confident that events of such importance offer excellent development opportunities for our territory. Our holiday park in Florence will become an extraordinary home for enthusiasts of this discipline inspired [by] the unique world of Harry Potter.

With a city as cultural and artistic as Florence, fans and athletes alike can’t wait to experience not only the tournament but also the city itself! Andrea Miglietta, the president of Associazione Italiana Quidditch, raved about the tournament and how the community is coming together to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

We are excited to host the biggest IQA tournament ever made. This is a huge opportunity for us to improve our organization[al] abilities and increase quidditch development [in] our country. With the great support of [the] City of Florence and [the] Human Company we [are sure] to make this IQA Quidditch World Cup into the most beautiful quidditch experience for player[s] and spectators.

See below for a complete list of nations that are expected to attend.

Mark your calendars! June 27–July 2, 2018, is bound to be a remarkable five days that no one will forget!

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Nations Competing in IQA World Cup 2018