The Pukwudgies of Hogwarts

While your Hogwarts House describes your “why” or your motivating values, your Ilvermorny House describes your “how” or your approach to life. Pukwudgie is described as the House of the heart, and Pukwudgies are defined by their passions, what they care about, and whom they form connections with. They are healers, guardians, and caretakers. These Hogwarts students would fit in well with the Pukwudgies of Ilvermorny.


1. Ron Weasley



Ron Weasley loves fiercely and feels strongly. He would readily sacrifice everything for his loved ones and has done so repeatedly. It takes a lot of convincing for him to forgive those who have wronged him. Ron is an emotional and expressive person, and he sometimes lets himself be guided and overwhelmed by feelings of envy, frustration, or inadequacy. Ultimately, the depth and strength of his love for his friends and family always bring him back to them.


2. Molly Weasley



Molly Weasley is a lioness when it comes to her family. Her love for them is what makes her such a powerful and formidable person. Her family is her top priority and does not just include her husband and children; she readily welcomes Harry, Hermione, and anyone else who needs a home. Threaten her loved ones at your own peril. Anyone who is lucky enough to be considered her family is rewarded with delicious food, handmade sweaters, sage advice, profound loyalty, and tough love.


3. Oliver Wood



Oliver Wood has always belonged to a team. His zeal for Quidditch is just a little scary. It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that he brings the same enthusiasm to all other areas of his life. Oliver is an inspiring Captain and a wonderful friend, and when the time comes, he does not hesitate to fight for Hogwarts. Oliver is basically the definition of passion.


4. Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange




Narcissa Malfoy’s first and only priority is her family; Bellatrix Lestrange’s is Lord Voldemort. Narcissa does not classify herself as a Death Eater or as a Black sister; she is a Malfoy first and foremost. She stands by Lucius when he falls from grace, and when Draco is threatened, she betrays Lord Voldemort on multiple occasions to keep him safe. Bellatrix is Voldemort’s most devoted servant, ready to languish in Azkaban and even give up her own children in his service. Both Bellatrix and Narcissa are powerful women who do not hesitate to fight for what they love.


5. Sirius Black



Sirius Black uses his heart far more often than he uses his head. His intense loyalty to the people he loves is matched only by the strength of his hatred toward his enemies. His actions are based primarily on his emotions, which can lead to disastrous consequences; he betrayed Remus’s trust just to spite Snape, and he went after Peter out of rage and grief without first divulging what had really happened. Ultimately, Sirius’s deep connection to the people he loves the most is what he chooses to define himself by.


6. Newt Scamander



Newt Scamander is such a sweet and genuine person. It is amazing to watch him care for all manner of fantastic creatures – most of which many wizards don’t know or care about – and defend their rights with a passion. He is driven by not only curiosity but also empathy; he sees a little bit of himself and his own struggle for acceptance in the lives of the creatures he cares for. He has a knack for connecting with those who are vulnerable or scared and for ensuring that they feel less alone. Newt’s pure heart and unbridled compassion define him and draw others to him.


7. Minerva McGonagall



Although her title is Deputy Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall is the true guardian of Hogwarts. Her first priority is looking out for the well-being of her students, especially when Dumbledore, Umbridge, and Snape can’t be bothered to do so. She expects nothing more or less than each of her students’ individual best efforts and fights for her students constantly. She advocates for Hermione and gets her a Time-Turner, she vows to personally ensure that Harry becomes an Auror when Umbridge challenges her, and she offers to defend Neville’s choice to take Charms to his grandmother. Minerva’s love for her students and colleagues and her loyalty to her school know no bounds.

Richa Venkatraman

I'm writing from deep within the Harry Potter universe, into which I burrowed long ago with no intention of ever leaving. I enjoy reading, writing, making music, and learning about anything and everything. Now and in the future, like Hermione Granger, "I'm hoping to do some good in the world.

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