Daniel Radcliffe Discusses His Career Post “Potter”

While Daniel Radcliffe is best known for playing the role of Harry Potter, the actor has come to the conclusion that the wide variety of genres he has explored since isn’t a conscious decision to distance himself from the Harry Potter franchise. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET), Daniel talked about the wide variety of roles that he has taken since playing Harry, including his latest role as a drug mule in the film Beast of Burden.

Admitting that he did try to prove his versatility as an actor following the end of the eight Harry Potter films, Daniel explained that, now, it’s just a matter of what he finds enjoyable.

I don’t want to repeat myself, because that’s not fun for me, but not because it’s a part of any huge grand plan to continue to distance myself from Potter.

He did add that distancing himself from Harry Potter is “not necessarily a bad thing,” but he thinks that most actors do want to prove that they can play a variety of roles.

I think it’s because all the actors I admire do. Steve Buscemi is actually an amazing example of somebody who, if you look at his film roles, he’s been in everything from Fargo to almost every movie Adam Sandler has ever made, and big action movies like Armageddon and Con Air. He’s just got an incredibly eclectic, varied resume, and I think that’s a sign of a really exciting career.

Also exciting to him was the prospect of acting in Beast of Burden, he explained, and he spoke highly of the film’s director, Jesper Ganslandt.

The way he was talking about making the film and his process and how he was working, it was just something that I was very into.

Daniel also elaborated to ET about how he filmed in a cockpit most of the time.

Because we basically had one character in one location in one costume for 50 percent at least of the film, it made it possible for us to just take massive jumps in the script, and really read them almost like a play. We were doing like, half an hour long takes that accounted for 20, 25 pages of script. I’ve never done that before, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to do it again… It was a really cool, really different way of working.

Explaining that what he really loves to do is comedy, Daniel also spoke about the TBS comedy series Miracle Workers, in which he is starring alongside Steve Buscemi.

Comedy is mostly what I watch, and most of what I love is comedy, so I definitely wanted to get more into it for a long time. But it was just about finding the right thing. I didn’t want to get stuck playing one character for a long time again… [but] Simon Rich is one of my favorite writers… and I have rarely been as excited for people to see something I’ve done than for people to see Miracle Workers.

Would he star in another franchise again? While Daniel says that he isn’t sure if he would commit himself to “another massive one, like, seven or eight films,” he said that he would consider acting in another franchise with the right script.

But I don’t think I’d have any reservations about jumping into something like that if it was the right thing… if I liked the script, then absolutely.

If and when that script comes along, we’ll be ready! In the meantime, you can see Daniel in Beast of Burden, which is in theaters now. No air date for Daniel’s television series, Miracle Workers, has been released by TBS yet.

Are you excited to see Daniel in some more projects? Do you hope that he acts in another film franchise? What do you think of the variety of roles that he has taken on lately? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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