In Muggle News: Missing Statues and More!

Sometimes, the Muggle world does get interesting. While they might not be our usual focus here at MuggleNet, we felt that these news stories of the week were simply too good not to share!


Manchester Is Missing a LEGO Statue

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester now has an “honesty box,” owing to the theft of a Harry Potter statue constructed of LEGO bricks. Manchester Evening News writes that the missing statue, which is five feet tall and made of more than 100,000 LEGO bricks, is worth £5,000. Having checked eBay already, the Discovery Centre is also on the hunt for some of its other figures.

As well as Harry, a ruby-red Lego [m]acaw named Scarlet, and made up of 75,000 Lego system bricks and building wheels, has also vanished, with staff fearing a serial Lego character napper could be on the loose.

LEGOLAND master model builder Alex Bidolak was quoted by Manchester Evening News, explaining that it isn’t uncommon for the playground to lose bricks that get carried away on accident.

[With LEGOs c]arried away in play, we also know how a few Lego bricks can later turn up in your pocket, handbag – lunchbox, even. We struggle to imagine someone accidentally dropping a 5 ft Harry Potter build into their pocket, however.

Let’s hope that Harry and the rest of the missing LEGO pieces are returned to their home in Manchester in one piece!


Quintuplets’ Nine-Month Harry Potter Photo Shoot

The Driskell quintuplets, from Kentucky, celebrated their first nine months with a Harry Potter photo shoot! Parents Briana and Jordan Driskell struggled with infertility before having the quintuplets, People writes, so the news that Briana was carrying five babies was a shock.

My mom just couldn’t stop saying, ‘Five? Five?’ It was extremely shocking.

For the photo shoot, the quintuplets were dressed up in white onesies and provided with a number of props, including little glasses, wands, and striped Gryffindor scarves, which came courtesy of a service called Baby Booth Box.




Grandmother Records over Pope’s Funeral for Harry Potter

Hamish Ridley Steele, a Twitter user from London, was going through some things at his grandmother’s house when he came across a rather interesting VHS tape, writes What he had discovered, as Steele himself tweeted, was a tape with a label that had “POPE’S FUNERAL” crossed out in favor of “HARRY POTTER.”



Steele’s tweet has gone viral, and since then, he’s spoken to the Press Association about the finding, which is actually from two years ago.

I’m not even sure which Pope was on the tape and to be honest with my grandmother, it might not even be Harry Potter – I don’t think she even remembers recording it.

Other Twitter users have even created memes in response to the label, though it remains to be seen what was actually on the old tape.


Which Harry Potter film do you think is on Hamish’s grandmother’s tape? Would you take Harry Potter-themed photos of your children? Could you fit a LEGO statue in your pocket? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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