“Hogwarts Mystery” Developer Releases Game Statistics: Players Have Cast 225 Million Spells!

Since its release on April 25Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has both excited and disappointed fans. Whether you love the game or hate it, it has become a popular app on many Potter fans’ phones. To celebrate what has been accomplished since the game’s release last month, developer Jam City has given us access to information on the app’s statistics.

It might come as no surprise that, of the four Hogwarts Houses, Gryffindor was the most selected, followed by Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and lastly, Hufflepuff. Collectively, players have cast 225 million spells and earned 3.1 billion House points. If you were frustrated by the lack of energy and found yourself repeatedly watching Fang fetch a stick so you could earn more, you were not alone. So far, Fang has fetched 35 million sticks (that’s 35 million extra units of energy!).

Perhaps the most interesting statistic comes from a conversation with Professor Flitwick. When asked if they will follow the rules, 74% of players said they would. Only 8% of players claimed to be rebels, and 18% of players had not yet decided if they would follow the rules.

From these statistics, it seems a majority of players are Gryffindor rule followers! Which House did you choose? Did you tell Flitwick you were a rule follower or a rebel? Did you not realize Fang gave you extra energy until now? Let us know in the comments!

Check out Jam City’s infographic below, and click on the press release to read its synopsis of the game’s current statistics.



Press Release
Since launching on April 25, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has allowed millions of players to have their own Hogwarts experience. As school winds down for the summer in the Muggle world, these new scholars at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are proving themselves to be a studious lot! We've pulled together some metrics from the game that we thought your readers may find interesting.

Since its release, in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery…

· 3.1 billion House Points have been awarded

· 225 million spells have been cast

· 35 million sticks have been fetched by Fang

And much much more. While there are many more chapters ahead to unfold in this evolving, ongoing adventure, the new wizards and witches of Hogwarts - be they brave Gryffindor, ambitious Slytherin, witty Ravenclaw or loyal Hufflepuff - have proven themselves worthy in the Wizarding World!

Gretchen Roesch

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