HPEF Ceases Operations After 16 Years

We at MuggleNet are sad to hear that it is “the end of an era” for one piece of the Harry Potter fandom. HP Education Fanon, Inc. (HPEF) will be ceasing its operations this year after 16 years of producing Harry Potter fan conferences, the organization wrote in a Facebook post dated July 5.

Since 2002, HPEF served as an educational non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to producing academic symposia on the Harry Potter books and cultural phenomenon.

According to longtime board chair, Lee Hillman (AKA Gwendolyn Grace), ‘We’re so pleased by the way our conferences affected the shape of fandom. HPEF encouraged artisans, writers, performers, and crafters to explore their own creativity; provided spaces for fans and scholars to connect to and with each other through their love of the subject; and brought fans together with top-caliber speakers and guests. Our symposia set a tone that offered creative, premium experiences at luxury destinations, for affordable prices. As proud as we are of these accomplishments, we know all things come to an end.’

Among HPEF’s events were Nimbus – 2003, The Witching Hour (2005), Lumos (2006), Prophecy (2007), Portus (2008), Azkatraz (2009), and Infinitus (2010). Ascendio (2012) was HPEF’s final academic symposium.

HPEF notes that its remaining assets will not go to waste.

HPEF’s remaining assets will be shared with other organizations focused in similar ways.

Aside from its conferences, HPEF also promoted literacy.

HPEF also promotes the benefits of reading for both children and adults by offering Library Science and Education tracks in our symposium programs. We have also donated portions of our proceeds to Book Aid International, Books Behind Bars, Kids Need to Read and other literacy projects; we continue to identify other charities whose missions focus on providing audiences with books to read and love.

For more on the history of HPEF, you can visit its website here.

Do you have cherished memories of HPEF and its events? Are you sad to see its operations end? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Mary W.

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