What “SpeakBeasty” House Are You In?

There are Hogwarts Houses and Ilvermorny Houses, but what about Houses for the “SpeakBeasty” podcast? On one of the latest episode of Mugglenet’s “SpeakBeasty” podcast, the hosts discussed what Houses the podcast would Sort people into. They made up four Houses: Sasquatch, Niffler, Mooncalf, and Augurey. These fantastic beasts are the four most-referenced creatures on the podcast, and now they have their own Houses. You can read this article to Sort yourself into one of the four “SpeakBeasty” Houses!





This is the most-mentioned creature on the “SpeakBeasty” podcast and it has become a long-running joke between the hosts. We’ve yet to meet a Sasquatch in the Harry Potter books and movies, but the creature has been referenced on Pottermore.

Also referred to as Bigfoot, a Sasquatch is an enormous, furry, monkey-like creature. In wizarding history, there was the Great Sasquatch Rebellion of 1892, with MACUSA having no way to deal with the gigantic creatures. While the precise details aren’t known, the incident did cause the magical government in America to move its location. We haven’t met any Sasquatch, but we imagine that they value athleticism, being close to nature, and protecting their corner of the world. If you prefer long walks through forests, the company of animals over humans, and not drawing attention to yourself, you are perfect for this House!





Few creatures are as mischievous and trouble-seeking as a Niffler. They are furry, long-snouted black creatures that search for gold and shiny objects. Nifflers value resourcefulness, drive, and cleverness. They also have an aptitude for seeing underground when they dig for gold. Does this sound like you?

Nifflers will go after anything they want and don’t like to be cooped up at home. These creatures will wreck a whole house searching for valuable objects! If you like to stay active, enjoy collecting new items, and have a tendency to get into trouble, you belong in this House!





Mooncalves live all over the world and are antisocial creatures. They prefer the company of their own kind, especially when they leave their burrow on a full moon. Their appearance is somewhat strange, with eyes too big for their body and gigantic feet. However, this doesn’t stop Mooncalves from becoming dancers whenever they leave their burrow.

As a bonus, Mooncalves are considered valuable because their dung has magical properties for plants. Mooncalves value those who are down-to-earth, good-natured, and devoted to their friends. Do people consider you a surprising person? Are you more introverted and do you explore creative pursuits such as dancing and gardening? If you like to stick with a group of people just like you, then chances are you’re in the Mooncalf House!





A mysterious bird resembling a vulture and famous for its cursed song is the mascot of this House. The Augurey gets a bad rap, and it’s the underdog House! In its history, wizards have believed that the bird predicted death, but nowadays it is agreed that an Augurey predicts a rainstorm and nothing more. The bird keeps to itself and only flies in the rain.

The Augurey values self-reliance, patience, and intuition. If you enjoy cold, rainy days, have a propensity to sing, and suspect that you might be a Seer, this is the House for you!


Monet Polny

"Harry Potter" has been my ultimate inspiration as a writer. Everything from the characters to the plot dynamics has impacted my writing style and aided me in making the decision to major in creative writing. I wanted to become Newt Scamander's protegee and work with magical creatures, but becoming a writer is the next best career choice.