Rupert Grint Shares Details on Second Season of “Snatch”

The second season of Rupert Grint’s Snatch is almost here, but fans who can’t wait one minute longer are in luck: The actor has shared additional details about the upcoming season in a new interview with the Chicago Tribune.

We knew the second season would take place in Spain, but Rupert has revealed a bit more about what the Snatch crew is doing there.

We steal a boat and head off with 10 million Euros to Spain. We stop along the way, I lose my girlfriend along the way — that’s never really properly explained — but as we’re just approaching the port in Spain, our boat gets hijacked and all the money’s gone. We lose every single penny. So we end up buying a beachside bar called the Bunker Bar and the idea is to go straight and run it properly. But soon everyone has this inevitable urge to go back to crime. It’s the life they’ve known. They miss it! So it doesn’t take long before we get involved with some schemes again. It’s a web of crime and chaos.

Sounds like things are off to a pretty exciting start! Grint also had insights to share about his character, Charlie.

He’s kind of a strange person to have in this environment, that’s what attracted me to him. Charlie comes from this aristocratic family and he’s quite proud of that, but also he’s kind of desperate to get away from his family because they’re insane. So he’s quite a confused character in many respects. And because he’s not really a natural fit for this kind of life of crime, he’s very desperate to prove himself and do his bit. To find his place and get a bit of respect, he’s always after that. And it doesn’t always work out well because he hates crime, really. He hates violence. But he does enjoy the thrill of a scam.

Of course, it’s almost possible to get through an interview with Grint without bringing up his Potter counterpart, Ron Weasley. After sharing an anecdote about a rather embarrassing prosthetic he had to wear for the 2013 film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Rupert reflected on the roles he’s chosen since the Harry Potter films ended.

Charlie Countryman was one of my first films after Harry Potter and one of my first kind of more adult roles, so it came at a good time. I definitely get a kick out of playing characters who are completely different [from] Ron Weasley. I suppose it was quite a unique thing for an actor to play the same character for that amount of time, but what happens is you blur into that character; there’s a lot of me in Ron Weasley. So whenever I can really step away from that and create something completely different, it’s always something I really enjoy.

When asked if he minds looking ridiculous for a role, Rupert replied in characteristic good humor, sharing that he’s generally comfortable with it, though it doesn’t always come naturally.

I’m quite naturally an awkward person. My body doesn’t really move in the most fluid way and I find movement quite tricky. Like, my arms — very often, if I’m not saying anything in a scene, if I’m just kind of in the background, I find it very hard to find a natural position for my arms. I use my pockets a lot, but if it’s an intense scene you can’t really be standing there with your hands in your pockets. That’s a struggle.

And dancing. There’s a scene in the first episode of this season of ‘Snatch’ where there’s a party and I have to seduce this head of town planning and I have to dance in this club — and I just don’t dance. I literally had to YouTube people dancing so I could figure it out, because I don’t know how people dance!

Be sure to tune in to the second season of Snatch, airing on Sony Crackle beginning September 13. You can read his full Chicago Tribune interview here.

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