New “Crimes of Grindelwald” Footage Hints at Grindelwald’s Manipulation

Merlin has been blessing us with lots of new footage of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. We’ve learned more about Credence, and we’ve seen an intriguing glimpse at a scene between Queenie and Grindelwald. Now AT&T, which we knew had partnered with Warner Bros. to promote the movie, has a new video with exciting footage of Grindelwald and interviews with the cast and J.K. Rowling.



The video includes new footage of Grindelwald and his “immense, seductive power.” A new scene shows Grindelwald speaking to an unknown wizard in an alley, saying, “Your name will be written in glory in wizards rule the world.” We also see several moments in the auditorium-like room, including a shot of Queenie and Jacob looking very frightened.

J.K. Rowling hints at the fact that some of the characters in the movie will be swayed by Grindelwald and his beliefs.

What I consciously wanted was to have this gallery of people whose backstories we understand. We get to know their own personal struggles, biases, traumas… and in the middle of it, we have Grindelwald. Now, which of these characters will hear his siren call? For some of these characters, he is the answer.

Whom do you think will be swayed by Grindelwald? What do you think of this new footage?

Gretchen Roesch

I once knew every word to the "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" movie. Now I use my Ravenclaw brain power to manage the MuggleNet News Team, write articles, and podcast about "Harry Potter". Outside of the site, I'm a long-distance runner, social worker, and baker. I hope to one day pay off my student loans.

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