New “Crimes of Grindelwald” TV Spot Plus Zoë Kravitz on Playing Leta Lestrange

A brand new TV spot for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was released this week and this one hints that Leta Lestrange has a dark secret. While this tease is quite small, it definitely indicates a deep background story for Leta Lestrange.



In a recent interview, Zoë Kravitz spoke on why she appreciates the opportunity to play Leta Lestrange.

I thought it was really important. And this takes place in the 1920s, so what was it like to be a person of color in this world at this time? She might have been one of the only children of color in Hogwarts at this time. She’s an outcast and whether it’s spoken about or not, I associate that, of course, partly with what she looks like. I think they were mostly only auditioning women of color for this role. I know it was an important thing for Jo. She was very aware of what she was doing.

Kravitz feels very connected to the deeper meaning of this role. Aside from being a part of the wizarding world, Kravitz is able to bring diversity into the franchise. She is thrilled to address the issue of race in the context of the Harry Potter universe.

We are looking forward to seeing how this aspect of Kravitz’s character plays a role in the movie – what about you? Let us know in the comments!

Hannah Howard

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