What NaNoWriMo Books Would the “Harry Potter” Characters Write?

It’s that time of year again for NaNoWriMo! NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, a November challenge to write a book in 30 days. I took part in NaNoWriMo last year, and this year I was wondering, what if Harry Potter characters were involved? If Harry Potter characters wrote novels for this challenge, what would their books be like? Also, would we Muggles want to read them?





If Dumbledore wrote a novel, it would be a best seller. He’s an eloquent, intelligent wizard, and doubtless, his writing would reflect that. We can picture Dumbledore writing as a hobby to relax after his long days as Headmaster of Hogwarts. He would be sitting in his office with Fawkes on his shoulder and the portraits shouting out plot suggestions to him. Dumbledore would write a work of literary fiction with fascinating characters and relevant themes for the time. His novel would be compared to To Kill a Mockingbird and The Name of the Rose. Dumbledore is certainly a determined and focused wizard and could write his book in 30 days!





Hagrid isn’t one for using fancy words, but when he expresses himself, his thoughts are heartfelt and honest. Hagrid’s writing style would be in a similar style to Mark Twain’s, straightforward and concise. His novel would be a fable or folklore retelling of some of the most magical creatures that have ever lived. Hagrid knows more about magical creatures than anyone, except Newt Scamander, so his novel would be a tribute to the creatures he loves so much.





Luna wouldn’t care if she finished her NaNoWriMo novel on time, as long as she had fun writing her story. What makes Luna an exceptional writer is her imagination! She has all the promise of a great fantasy writer. She would weave together complicated plotlines and create beautiful, far away kingdoms. There would be plenty of adventure for her characters and talking animals, of course, because it’s Luna’s mind come to life. The main character would be a lively heroine who’s very modern and an inspiration to young girls. Luna’s favorite aspect of her book is the strong friendships between the characters.





It’s difficult for Neville to divert his attention to anything but his collection of plants, but he finds writing to be one of his hobbies. He enjoys sitting in his greenhouse and drawing from his strange-looking plants as inspiration for his novel. Neville’s novel is science fiction with a nod to fantasy writing. He creates larger-than-life characters with extraordinary powers. The main character would be a young man who pulls a sword from a magic hat, and then his life changes forever. The hero would lead an army to stop the evil overlord from raising an army of venomous plants to take over the world. Neville’s novel would be a fan favorite due to its relatable, shy main character who gains confidence in himself and his abilities.





While it’s tempting for Harry to write an instruction manual called The Idiot’s Guide to Destroying Horcruxes, he would rather reflect on his experience as an Auror. In his downtime, Harry writes thrillers based on his time chasing Dark wizards. The main character is based on Harry and he certainly has a loyal, red-haired accomplice. Harry’s novel would become immensely popular and be compared to the writing of John le Carré and Dan Brown.




Are there any other characters that you think would write an amazing novel? Maybe you’d want to read Hermione’s take on feminist literature or McGonagall’s series of mystery novels? You can share your thoughts in the comments!

Monet Polny

"Harry Potter" has been my ultimate inspiration as a writer. Everything from the characters to the plot dynamics has impacted my writing style and aided me in making the decision to major in creative writing. I wanted to become Newt Scamander's protegee and work with magical creatures, but becoming a writer is the next best career choice.