New Interview with Dan Fogler – “Fantastic Beasts” 3 Is “Bigger Than the First Two Combined”

In an interview with HeyUGuys, Fantastic Beasts star Dan Fogler gave some interesting insight into the recent news concerning the next installment in the series. In January, it was announced that Fantastic Beasts 3would delay production until the fall of 2019. While there was no reason given, fans wondered if this was due to the box office numbers from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. According to Fogler, this is not the case.

Fogler said that the delay is actually due to the immense size of the production.

The reason we were given is that the movie is bigger than the first two combined. They needed more time to prep and they didn’t want to rush anything so they pushed it back.

Additionally, Fogler mentioned a detail about the new film that has only been hinted at up until now.

I can tell you that we are going to Brazil. I don’t really know much. I’ll get a script closer to when we start shooting.

It seems as if this delay in production is simply what is needed to create a spectacular third installment in the series. As fans, all we can do now is wait until the next bit of information about the film is released.

Dan Fogler also talked about his roles in The Walking Dead and Brooklyn Gladiator. Read his entire interview here.

Hannah Howard

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