UPDATED: Wow! Stuff Gets Us Closer to Our Childhood Dreams with New Invisibility Cloak Illusion Costume

 UPDATE (August 8):

The Wow! Stuff invisibility cloak illusion costume is now available for purchase! To get your very own cloak of invisibility, save up those Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts (or $79.95) and head to Amazon. To see the invisibility cloak illusion costume in action, check out MuggleNet’s coverage of the launch at King’s Cross station in London and watch the video below.



Who didn’t leave Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone wishing desperately for a cloak of invisibility? While we may never be able to simply throw a garment over our heads and commence sneaking about, Wow! Stuff is unveiling the next best thing.

The toy and game manufacturer – and the company behind such Potter products as the popular lenticular notebooks and Golden Snitch Heliball – announced last week its latest innovation, in conjunction with Warner Bros. Consumer Products: the invisibility cloak illusion costume.

Toy World Magazine reports that, with the help of a free Wow! Stuff app available to users ages eight and up, the costume is “capable of making it look like anyone or anything has disappeared right before your eyes.”

Once the app is downloaded and the code included with the costume entered into the invisibility cloak section, the two work together using Wow! Stuff’s Meta-Chrome Green Screen technology to allow you to watch your body vanish, just like Harry when he first received his father’s cloak!

The costume will also reportedly come in a Deluxe Version, retailing for $69.99 MSRP, which will include the extensive patterning seen in the films, a green, silk-style inner lining, and a table-top smartphone tripod.

Wow! Stuff is showing off its latest creation now through Tuesday at the New York Toy Fair, and the invisibility cloak illusion costume is set to hit stores July 1.

How will you use your newfound powers of invisibility? Let us know in the comments!