Mischievous Niffler Runs Free on London Railcar

Even when Nifflers aren’t chasing after coins in a New York bank or riding the cork of a champagne bottle, it doesn’t mean they are abandoning their natural inclination to mischief. Last week, a family’s pesky Niffler from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter was left behind en route from King’s Cross to York.

Nifflers have earned themselves an XXX danger classification from the Ministry of Magic, meaning they aren’t too much to handle for experienced wizards, but the species continues to baffle wizards and Muggles alike. Newt Scamander’s Niffler was able to snatch Grindelwald’s blood pact pendant back in 1927, so it’s understandable that the family’s Niffler could sneak off on its own during a train ride.

The loss of the Niffler companion brought, in the words of the mother, “sadness in the house” because of the “distress that ensued.” The family turned to Twitter to get the attention of London North Eastern Railway, and luckily, a rail firm discovered the creature on its own and knowing something was wrong, contacted the Customer Services Team and the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The email received by the family is as follows.

Thanks very much for getting in touch with us regarding your recent journey from King[‘]s Cross to York. We were sorry to hear that a member of your party was left behind on the train and can appreciate [that] this caused some concern.

It seems your Niffler has been living up to his mischievous reputation and since you last reported seeing him, he’s been on an adventure up and down our route in search of trinkets. Thankfully, he was captured by one of our experienced magical animal handlers, Emma. Work is slow in the world of magical law enforcement and beast conservation, so she also works as one of [our] on-board Customer Experience Hosts. After reports of a disturbance on-board, Emma caught your Niffler trying to steal teaspoons from the kitchen and managed to keep him in her handbag until the train reached Leeds. He’s now safe and well with the team at York station. If you’re able to pop in to collect him, I’m sure he’s very much looking forward to being reunited.

For reference, I’ve attached a Wanted mugshot we released shortly after his capture.

If there’s anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or the Ministry for Magic by owl.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Collier

Customer Services Team – Department for [the] Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

London North Eastern Railway

Read the family’s full Facebook post below and share any Niffler stories you have in the comments!


There has been sadness in the house this week due to a lost Niffler. He was a brand new Niffler too; bought at the Harry…

Posted by Yvonne Illsley on Thursday, February 28, 2019

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