Review: Theme Park Alchemy Brings “Harry Potter” to Life with House-Themed Scented Candles


If you’re anything like me, you buy candles obsessively. You have a new favorite each week and will never be upset about receiving one as a gift. What better way to showcase – and really feel – your love for Harry Potter than with a House-themed scented candle? Theme Park Alchemy has five different Harry Potter-inspired candles, including Butter Brew, Bravery, Cunning, Loyalty, and Wisdom scents. These scents are inspired by theme park experiences (hence the name), in this case, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! As someone who hasn’t had the chance to visit, I really enjoyed having a bit of Harry Potter – and of the Wizarding World – with me at home.





Cinnamon, ginger, and cedar, oh my! This Gryffindor-inspired candle envokes a smell as bold as the lion it represents. It’s amazing how a simple scent made me feel as courageous as young Harry facing Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I couldn’t help but picture myself looking in the Mirror of Erised, holding this very candle while smelling it in real life. Bravery is a bold scent of Red Hots cinnamon candy with subtle undertones of clove, ground ginger, and cedarwood.





My husband said it best: This Slytherin-inspired candle smells what you’d imagine the Hogwarts Castle would smell like. The second word that comes to mind when I think Slytherin is “cool” (of course, the first is cunning). And so this candle is! It’s leathery and smooth – the perfect scent to help set the mood for a Harry Potter movie night! How can you not want to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when you take a whiff of this aroma? And believe me, it smells better than Moaning Myrtle’s toilet! Cunning is a rich, clean scent of fresh leather, suede, and sandalwood.





Is it possible to create an aroma as pure and sweet as our favorite Hufflepuff, Newt Scamander? Apparently so! This candle leaves you hungry for caramel apples and maybe some chocolate too – what better way to show your House pride than with such a delectable candle? If you like sugary scents and feel like you just belong in Honeydukes, this candle is the candle of your dreams. Luckily, Theme Park Alchemy accepts Muggle money.



Note: Theme Park Alchemy sells 8 oz. candles on its site (like the Wisdom candle pictured above). The other three candles pictured are 4 oz. and are not sold on the site.



Ravenclaw pride aside, the Wisdom candle was a personal favorite – I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and I just have to have my Ravenclaw-inspired candle lit while doing so! Wisdom is a delicate blend of lavender and earthy spices on a background of oakmoss and sandalwood, the perfect setting to calm a Ravenclaw’s active mind. If you need something to relax you while studying for your OWLs, this candle is for you!


Theme Park Alchemy’s House-themed scented candles can be purchased here. Will you be adding these candles to your collection? Which scent are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments!

McKay S.

I’m a cat-loving Ravenclaw who recently rediscovered her love of reading. A Texan transplant to Utah, I have been obsessed with “Harry Potter” I was six years old and there’s no slowing down! I love to write, and writing for MuggleNet is especially a joy.