Harry Potter and the Teenage Witch

I did a post for Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina several months ago, and I want to do one for the original, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, too. There are similar traits between the characters from both series and I’ve matched each character to their corresponding characters.


Sabrina Spellman as Harry Potter




First off, both Sabrina’s and Harry’s parents weren’t around, so they were raised by other relatives (Harry’s are dead, and Sabrina can’t be around her mother or her mother will turn into a ball of wax and her father travels for work). Although their hearts are in the right places, sometimes their spells and actions have the ability to go wrong and land them in trouble. Harry’s rule-breaking often landed him in detention, and Sabrina constantly needed help from her friends and family to fix her magical messes. Regardless of what they did, they both had a fantastic support system behind them who stood by them no matter what they did. In Harry’s case, it was Ron and Hermione, and for Sabrina, it was her aunts and Salem.


Zelda Spellman as Hermione Granger




Both women are incredibly intelligent and use their knowledge to try to help others. With a scientific background, Zelda was constantly inventing things to help humankind. Meanwhile, besides using her brain to help Harry against Voldemort, Hermione, too, tried to help others in the magical community, specifically house-elves. Hermione and Zelda were often the sensible women behind the protagonist, encouraging them to follow the rules to be the best they could be.


Hilda Spellman as Ron Weasley




In contrast to Zelda and Hermione, these two are freer with the rules. Plus, they’re more impulsive and act without thinking everything through. After all, Hilda bought a clock shop without being fully aware of what managing one meant, and Ron rushed into his relationship with Lavender. Regardless, they are both loyal to the heroes and are there for them in their times of need.


Harvey Kinkle as Neville Longbottom




In the beginning, these two characters were often more background characters. However, over the course of the two series, they both evolved and proved themselves to be loyal and brave. Despite Sabrina lying to him about who she really was, Harvey was there for her and helped her when he could. Likewise, Neville went from being a laughing stock to someone who fought for those who needed it.


Salem Saberhagen as Fred and George Weasley




Obviously, there are some differences here – Salem is a magical cat, and the Weasley twins are wizards – but they do share some traits. They are all troublemakers and tend to push the boundaries. Salem did try to take over the world, and Fred and George were notorious for their pranks. However, beneath it all, they had great hearts and supported their friends and families.


What do you think of my list? Are there any other characters you would cast? Let us know in the comments!

Minal Daswani

I entered the wizarding world in 2006, and haven’t left. In my Muggle time, I enjoy reading, bingeing TV shows, baking, and travellng.