Review and Giveaway: Win $1,000 in Fine Art “Harry Potter” Prints from Classic Stills!

My first exposure to Harry Potter was seeing Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone in the theater in 2001. While friends and family members had tried their hardest to get me to crack open a book before the movie premiered, I stubbornly refused. I didn’t even go to the theater that day with the intention of watching Harry Potter! But thankfully, fate intervened and guided me into a world that I now refuse to leave.

So when presented with the opportunity to review a fine art print from Sorcerer’s Stone from Classic Stills, I jumped at the chance! With 25 images to choose from, the hardest part was picking only one, though it didn’t take me long to settle on “I’m Not Going Home” since I clearly remember that being the moment that I fell in love with Potter. What better way to honor that memory, and my ongoing fanaticism, than to hang that very image on my wall?

You can imagine my excitement when the parcel arrived. I was curious how Classic Stills would package such a fragile item, and I was not disappointed by the professional execution! Unboxing was straightforward and easy, and the framed print came out of the package looking as though it had been hand delivered.



The first thing I noticed was the certificate of authenticity, which comes with every one of their stills. To a collector, this is very important, as it distinguishes your print from a forgery so that it retains its value. Their watermarked seal makes this certificate even more unique and assures it cannot be copied.



Once I turned the print over, I admit that I squealed a bit. First, the print and the frame are absolutely gorgeous, with a mat that sets them off beautifully. And second, the print is numbered! Mine has the letters “AP” in front of it, but prints purchased from their website will show your number and how many of that size and print exist. In the Harry Potter collection, they are only printing fifty 11″x14″ and fifty 16″x20″ prints of each image! This ensures that their artwork remains rare and is likely to appreciate in value over time. Anyone who sees one of these prints hanging in your home will immediately realize that it is not a cheap copy purchased from an unauthorized dealer but a limited-edition piece of art licensed by Warner Bros.



My Harry Potter collection may not be large. I’m a hardcore collector of other items. But this print from Classic Stills is absolutely the rarest Harry Potter collectible that I own and, apart from my original novels, it’s also my favorite. Since it came ready to hang, I quickly found the perfect spot for it, where I will see it every day – right next to the cupboard under the stairs.



Thanks to Classic Stills, one lucky reader will get a magical jump-start to their unique collection with our giveaway. Starting April 15, fans in the United States and the United Kingdom can enter to win a gift card from Classic Stills worth $1,000 to spend on Potter prints of their choosing! This amazing contest will run through May 13 at 11:59 p.m. ET, so there is plenty of time to enter for your chance to win.

If you live in the US and would like to enter this giveaway from Classic Stills, please visit the US website here. UK residents who want a chance to win can enter via the UK website here.

Good luck (and no, Felix Felicis will not help you win)!

The “I’m Not Going Home” framed print was provided by Classic Stills to MuggleNet for review. All opinions of the product belong to the reviewer.

Katy Cartee Haile

I've loved Harry Potter since 2001 when the first movie premiered (even though I was 22 years old at the time). I'm an Assistant Manager for MuggleNet's Content Team and a host on MuggleNet's Alohomora! podcast. You can find me elsewhere on the web @RainbowBriteNet and @MastersCast because my heart's too big to love just one thing!