Tom Felton Spills Secrets at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention Spring 2019


Tom Felton was one of many celebrity guests at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention Spring 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah. During his spotlight panel and Q&A, he spilled a few secrets and showed us some of that Draco charm, and we can’t help but share with our MuggleNet followers.


He’s a die-hard Slytherin.

I’m not sure who loves Slytherin more: Draco Malfoy or Tom Felton. What I can tell you is that Felton made numerous jokes about his Slytherin pride and his distaste toward Gryffindors. He easily kept the crowd laughing for the entire hour.




He used his annoyance with his brothers to play his role.

When the host asked how Felton was able to play such a malicious character as a child, he admitted that he was a little bit of jerk. Most of his attitude came from his real-life annoyance toward his brothers. Felton went on to sing the praises of all members of his family but teased his brothers as any good sibling would do.




He asked who was a Drarry fan.

Tom Felton asked who supported Draco x Hermione and who supported Draco/Harry. Then he jokingly asked who supported Draco x Apple. I think he likes fruit. When analyzing the Drarry ship, Felton commented on how he believed people’s love for it comes from their desire to see Draco happy and have fun.




He talked about his friendship with Emma Watson.

Tom was specifically asked about dating rumors between himself and Emma Watson. He laughed as he told the crowd, “No, we haven’t dated. …not yet. I haven’t convinced her.”




That Voldemort hug wasn’t scripted.




He’d like to play Draco again someday.

Tom told the audience how Draco really was the best character in the series because he just got to stand in the background and brood. He also admitted that he’d really enjoy playing an older Draco when he gets older someday.




Michael Gambon was his favorite actor to work with on Harry Potter.

He told a quick anecdote about how during one scene, he kept messing up his lines. He eventually went outside for a breath of fresh air, where Michael Gambon – who played Albus Dumbledore – also was. After apologizing profusely, Gambon told Felton, “Do you have any idea how much they’re paying me per day? Keep this up and I can buy a new car.”




Not only did he audition for Harry, but he tried out for Ron too.

And they dyed his hair accordingly for those auditions!



Felton also acknowledged that “no one could do better at Harry than Mr. Radcliffe.” And I almost cried. It’s fine.


He hadn’t heard of Harry Potter before auditioning.

Chris Columbus evidently was going down a line of potential cast members, asking what part of the book they were most excited for. Felton, who had not yet read Harry Potter, listened to the answer of the person before him. “I’m excited for Gringotts,” they said. So naturally, Felton shared that he, too, was also excited about Gringotts, sharing that he loved “how they fly about.” He clearly had no idea what he was talking about, and I guess Chris Columbus had a feeling his (unsuccessful) cunning would make him a great Draco Malfoy.




After seeing him in person, I really get just how charming Tom Felton is and why he made such a great Draco. And lucky us, Tom Felton left some time at the end to play guitar and sing some songs for the crowd. Check it out:



Thanks, FanX, for having him come! You can watch the full panel here.