Review and Giveaway: Harry Potter: Manage Your Mischief Marauder’s Map Sequin Notebook

As a frequent writer and a notebook enthusiast, I was super excited to have the opportunity to review the Manage Your Mischief Marauder’s Map Sequin Notebook from Merchoid! I have so many notebooks already that I use for everything, including organizing and planning, journaling, taking notes in my favorite classes, and writing down story ideas and song lyrics, but I am always excited when I have the opportunity to add a new notebook to my collection. Just as the ever-wise Albus Dumbledore once said about socks, one can never have enough notebooks! And just like Dumbledore’s Pensieve, notebooks are where I put my thoughts and ideas about anything and everything, especially Harry Potter. And Harry Potter–themed notebooks are especially dear to me – I have had quite a few of them over the years – because Harry Potter is what first inspired me and continues to inspire me to write, read, and learn.

I knew immediately that this notebook was something I would love. The Marauders are among my favorite Harry Potter characters, and their story has never ceased to move me. The notebook is covered in sequins that interlock like scales. The front cover bears the iconic quote that unlocked the Marauder’s Map and signifies the strength of the Marauders’ friendship: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” The quote is printed in white on bright-pink sequins that shine when they catch the light. The color scheme of white and bright, flashy pink doesn’t immediately evoke Harry Potter, but the well-known quote certainly does, and in any case, the color scheme definitely fits my own personality.



And much like the Marauder’s Map, this notebook holds a little magic of its own! It has a sequin flip cover, meaning you can run your hand across the cover from bottom to top, flipping the sequins over to reveal the message “Mischief managed” and the characteristic footprints that appear on the Map. That quote and the footprints are printed in pink on white sequins. The white side of the sequined cover does not reflect the light like the pink side does, but nevertheless, it looks polished. Running your hand from top to bottom will once again reveal the first quote.



On the back cover is the iconic Harry Potter lightning bolt, printed in white on pink sequins. The back cover is also flippable, revealing the same lightning-bolt design printed in pink on white.



At first, I thought the sequins were going to make the notebook rough and scratchy, but surprisingly, the cover is smooth to the touch. The sequins flip smoothly under my hand as well, and though I anticipated being scratched a little, I was pleasantly surprised when I was not. Flipping the cover back and forth was a soothing, deeply satisfying experience, one that I’ll surely repeat when I’m stressed about whatever I’m writing.




The journal is a lightweight but sturdy hardcover A5 notebook, meaning it is 5.8 by 8.3 inches (width by height). The smaller size means I can take it anywhere and constantly have it ready for when inspiration strikes. The inside of the cover, both front and back, is printed with the classic, gorgeous Marauder’s Map design.



The notebook contains 160 lined pages, which is plenty of room to write down anything you can think of! When opened, the notebook lies flat, which makes writing in it even easier. In the bottom corner of each page is a Hogwarts flag, like the flags that appear on the Marauder’s Map, letting you know you’re always at Hogwarts when you’re writing in this journal. The pages are a warm, light-beige color too, which almost makes me feel like I’m writing on parchment.



I think this magical notebook could easily become part of a new writing ritual for me; before I write, I’ll flip the cover so that it reads, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” and after I’m finished writing, I’ll flip it again to read, “Mischief managed.” It’s a great way to keep the spirit of Harry Potter, the series that started it all for me, with me as I write and create stories of my own. I love this new notebook, and I can’t wait to get writing!



We are giving away one copy of this magical notebook! The contest period starts May 30 and runs through June 13 at 11:59 p.m. ET. We will select one winner from any of the countries listed here: Respond to our email within 24 hours to claim your notebook, or another winner may be chosen. Don’t forget to check your spam or junk folders in case our email goes astray somehow.


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A copy of the Marauder’s Map Sequin Notebook was provided by Merchoid for review. All opinions belong to the reviewer.

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