Four Versions of “Puffs” Script Available for Purchase and Licensing

Here at MuggleNet, we were sad to learn that Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic would be closing this summer in New York City and Sydney.

However, in an exclusive from BroadwayWorld, it seems that the magic of Puffs will live on thanks to the producers and creative minds behind the play.

Four versions of the Puffs script have been made available for licensing by the producers of the play. Now professionals, theater groups, and drama clubs can bring the adventures of the Braves, the Snakes, the Smarts, and (of course) the Puffs to their hometowns.

Like the NYC production of Puffs, two versions of the script are in one act. Of these one-act scripts, there is one version for adult audiences and another that is appropriate for younger witches and wizards. There are also two-act editions of the script available to license. These are similar to the Sydney production of Puffs and contain additional material that was only seen in Australia. The two-act play is also available in adult and “young wizards” editions.

According to BroadwayWorld, the two-act editions of Puffs are proving the most popular, with a current total of 99 licensing requests. However, most popular of all have been the “young wizards” scripts, with a total of 151 licensing requests. According to BroadwayWorld, “The show has been most popular in the K-12 market–in other words, schools are doing it.”

Excitingly, there has also been considerable demand for licensing from “non-professional” groups, meaning that the magic of Puffs could be spreading to community audiences far and wide. In fact, community theater group Artistic Synergy of Baltimore is already bringing Puffs to Baltimore for a two-show day in August!

For fans of Puffs who prefer the page rather than acting onstage, the scripts are also available for purchase. According to the Puffs website, each script also comes with exclusive additional content in the form of deleted scenes, “alternate Zach Smith monologues,” and a “School of Magic & Magic Glossary.”

Copies of the script can be purchased on the official Puffs website for $9.95. More information on licensing the play can be found here.

Lucy O'Shea

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