“Hey Google…”: Get Back to Hogwarts with Google Assistant and Pottermore

With September 1 fast approaching, the Wizarding World franchise is once again celebrating the upcoming school year with the Back to Hogwarts campaign.

For this year’s campaign, Pottermore Publishing has partnered with Google Assistant to transport readers to the moment when Harry boards the Hogwarts Express for the first time from platform nine and three-quarters.

Using Google Assistant on an Android phone, or the Google Assistant app on an iPhone, the command “Hey Google, tell me a Harry Potter story” will start an extended sample of Chapter 6 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.



For this feature to work, devices will need to have the Google Play Books app installed. The special sample for Back to Hogwarts is currently available in Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How many times will you listen to the chapter before it’s time to head back to Hogwarts on September 1?

Lucy O'Shea

I was given a copy of Philosopher's Stone in 2001, and instantly, I was hooked. Since then, my passion for Potter has been equaled only by my passion for fair access to education (and watching motorsport). A spell I wish could exist in the Muggle world is the summoning charm because this Hufflepuff is not a "particularly good finder"!