Pottermore Says a Newly Revised Sorting Ceremony Will Be Coming Soon

On September 1, Pottermore announced a newly revised version of its Sorting Ceremony quiz! The website hinted at its new quiz in a tweet. However, the quiz is not the only thing getting a remake. The famed Sorting Hat, which decides the Houses of the students who wear it, also got a makeover. Colorful fabrics peek out from underneath the hat’s worn-out brown exterior as it speaks in riddles. After all, as the Pottermore release pointed out, “It is a very old hat.”



Pottermore is not letting much else slip since the site runners want students and quiz takers to genuinely enjoy its new features. There is not a set release date for the quiz as of yet, but Pottermore did leave another hint about its up-and-coming Wizarding World app while promising an “immersive experience” for all users.

There will be news, polls, and announcements delivered straight to you, as well as our new fanzine, Wizarding Weekly, landing every Wednesday. And we’re currently working on even more ways to make the new app as magical as possible.

Since it’s early in September, this relaunch is perfectly timed with the Back to Hogwarts campaign! Students who play the already existing Harry Potter apps Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite were in for a treat with the games’ Back to Hogwarts updates. Plus, with the coming revamped Sorting Ceremony, we think this is going to be a very exciting year for students.