The Best Boyfriend Moments in the “Harry Potter” Series

While we love and admire the women of Harry Potter, the men are also excellent role models. Specifically, the male characters stand out as excellent boyfriends. They are protective, strong, kind, brave men who defy the expectations of toxic masculinity.




1. Harry congratulates Ginny after her Quidditch game.



Harry has always supported Ginny’s ambitions, even before they became romantically involved. While they were friends, he welcomed her into Dumbledore’s Army and later was thrilled when she joined the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Harry is frustrated that he can’t play in one of the Quidditch matches, yet he doesn’t hesitate to congratulate Ginny for winning the match. It’s a romantic moment when Harry runs up and embraces Ginny, and this moment shows how much Harry cares about her success.


2. Krum sits with Hermione while she studies.



This moment isn’t a grand gesture or a sweeping epic instance, but it is significant. Hermione, who has spent most of her young life being teased for her studious nature, is finally dating someone who doesn’t tease her. While Hermione and Krum’s relationship is brief, it is an important relationship for Hermione to have. Krum allows Hermione to see her inner beauty and inspires confidence in her. Hermione mentions to Harry and Ron that Krum watches her study and sits with her in the library. Viktor Krum is no doubt a supportive boyfriend.


3. Harry comforts Cho.



While Cho and Harry’s relationship was never perfect, Harry did try his best. One moment that stuck with me was when Cho cries after her first kiss with Harry. While the crying bothers him, he doesn’t say this to her. Instead, Harry comforts Cho and stays with her because he cares. While Harry definitely wasn’t mature enough to be in a relationship with Cho, Harry giving Cho a safe place to cry was beautiful.


4. Ron defends Hermione multiple times.



Although they bicker endlessly, Ron always defends Hermione when it counts. Specifically, Ron never allows someone to insult Hermione’s lineage. Ron first defends Hermione when Malfoy calls her a Mudblood in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’ve always believed that Ron never forgot how upset Hermione was after being called a Mudblood the first time. Following this event, Ron is always the first to leap to Hermione’s defense when she’s called a Mudblood. It’s gestures like this that show just how much Ron loves Hermione.


5. Cedric is willing to risk everything for Cho.



Unfortunately, readers don’t get many moments with Cedric and Cho as a couple. However, what is clear is that they are entirely devoted to one another. They both play on their House Quidditch teams but never let that affect their relationship. They light up when they’re around each other, and it’s impossible to forget how Cedric saved Cho in the lake. Cedric is similar to Harry in his desire to save everyone, but he doesn’t hesitate to only save Cho in the lake. He is entirely focused on saving Cho, and he’s relieved once she wakes up from her magical stupor. He doesn’t celebrate his win until he is sure Cho is safe. Cedric is just protective enough of Cho that he isn’t overbearing, but he ensures her safety always.


6. Dean gives Ginny space.



Dean and Ginny weren’t a good fit for one another, but it’s clear that Dean cares for Ginny. The best moment of their relationship was when Dean made the mature decision to let Ginny go. He realized that it wouldn’t be right to pursue her when she was no longer interested in him. There’s a moment when Ginny asks for some space, and Dean gives it to her. He never pressures Ginny to get back together, and he respects that Harry makes her happy. He puts Ginny’s happiness before his own, and I applaud Dean for doing this.


7. Hagrid dresses up for Madame Maxime.



Hagrid’s brief infatuation with Madame Maxime was adorable. From discovering their mutual love of dragons to finding similarities in each other’s childhoods, Hagrid and Maxime were a cute couple. At the beginning of their romance, Hagrid is nervous about their first date. He puts gels on his hair, wears a flower lapel, and dons cologne for his date. Hagrid makes an effort to impress Maxime and wants to be the best man for her. The amount of time and effort he puts into their relationship is lovely.


Monet Polny

"Harry Potter" has been my ultimate inspiration as a writer. Everything from the characters to the plot dynamics has impacted my writing style and aided me in making the decision to major in creative writing. I wanted to become Newt Scamander's protegee and work with magical creatures, but becoming a writer is the next best career choice.