Social Media Roundup: Climate Advocacy and a Trip Down Memory Lane

Welcome to another edition of Social Media Roundup. Over the past few weeks, Wizarding World stars have been advocating for causes, sharing updates on their current projects, finding hidden treasures, and trying their hands at the latest viral meme.

Bonnie Wright will be attending the Study Hall Climate Positivity at Scale on January 31 to talk about all things education, information, and action.


Emma Watson has also been advocating to protect our Earth. As a lover of fashion, Emma posted information about her partnership with the ThredUp Fashion Footprint Calculator, which helps people calculate the carbon footprint of their wardrobe. She also shared tips on how to reduce the carbon impact of our clothes, such as thrifting and air-drying items.



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#ad Our closets impact the planet and climate more than you might realize, which is why I am proud to partner with @thredUP to launch their new Fashion Footprint Calculator (link in bio!) They created an easy to use tool, and I’m so excited to help people discover the carbon impact of their wardrobes, and steps you can take to lighten your fashion footprint. They’ll tell you what your fashion footprint is equivalent to a number of flights, exactly how many pounds of CO2 it produces and how you fare compared to an average consumer. Small changes, such as thrifting instead of buying new, supporting sustainable brands, and air-drying your clothes, can make a HUGE difference. My friends at @goodonyou_app are also included in the directory at the end of the quiz, where you can get more info on the impact of your fashion choices. Also, if you don’t know @thredUP, they are one of my favourite online thrift stores. They make it incredibly easy to find any brand and style secondhand at up to 90% off est. retail, from high street brands to some of my favourite designers. I love their mission to inspire us to think secondhand first and create a more circular fashion future. (P.S. they are just shipping to U.S. and Canada currently, but the Calculator is available to everyone!) Find out your fashion footprint by clicking the link in my bio, or heading to to make a difference for the planet! #fashionfootprint ❤️🌸👗

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Evanna Lynch’s Kinder Beauty Box, which promotes vegan and cruelty-free products, has reached its thirteenth edition, and Evanna took to Instagram to celebrate.


Advocating for causes isn’t the only thing Evanna has been sharing on social media these past weeks. She also took a trip down memory lane by visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, where she stumbled across some molds of her feet that were taken for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.



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Guess where I went today! 😍🧙🏼‍♀️✨ Thank you @wbtourlondon for an amazing, fun and nostalgic day with my friends! And to Kim, our brilliant tour guide who told me loads of things about the films I didn’t know, I literally feel dizzy from all the information⚡️ Also fun fact, these are moulds of my feet done for Ootp and at the end of the films I went to creature effects and asked could I please have my weird feet welly things to keep as they will fit only me and they told me they didn’t have them anymore and here is proof that they liiiiiiied!!! But anyway, they are there and have a satisfyingly strange home among the giants and troll heads 🦶🏻🦶🏻 #wbtourlondon #theyrecalledthestrals #Potterhead

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Also taking a trip down memory lane was Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley), although his trip is rather puzzling! Rankin found a copy of a script for the TV series Sherlock in his office but appears to have no idea how it got there.



Rankin has just finished a run in a pantomime production of The Wizard of Oz in Kent but has teased fans with an announcement that he will release a song cover on his YouTube channel.



Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) is currently starring in Cave Women: Work in Progress alongside her sister, Bebe Cave. She posted an update of a new background for the show, which is running until April 4 at the Soho Theatre in London.



There’s a new meme making the rounds on social media, and a couple of Wizarding World stars have already tried their hands at it. This photo challenge was first started by none other than country star Dolly Parton and plays on how people present themselves on social media platforms.

Tom Felton was the first magical alumnus to jump on the challenge.



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well if you can’t beat em…

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And Katie Leung (Cho Chang) put her own spin on the challenge, showing that she is the same across all social media platforms!



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Finally, Saturday, January 25 saw celebrations for the Lunar New Year, and the cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London took to Instagram to wish fans a happy New Year.



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Happy Chinese New Year! Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow…

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That’s it for this edition of Social Media Roundup. Check back in soon for more updates from your favorite Wizarding World stars.

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