US Quidditch Launches Urgent Fundraising Campaign

US Quidditch has launched a fundraising campaign to allow the organization to continue to support and offer services for its members and the wider quidditch community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an announcement on the USQ website, executive director Mary Kimball revealed that the organization had applied to the federal loan program for small businesses but that funding for the program had run out before USQ’s application could be approved. As a result, if sufficient funds are not raised, USQ is facing the possibility of having to lay off employees and reduce its services. The fundraiser aims to raise $30,000 by Thursday, April 23 in order to cover operational costs for the next few months.



Although the season is currently suspended, and US Quidditch Cup 13 has been postponed, there are a number of ways in which USQ continues to work to ensure a stable future for quidditch. In addition to supporting teams by creating resources, liaising with members and external partners, and planning future USQ events, Kimball highlighted a number of essential projects that would not be possible at this moment in time without the work of USQ employees:

  • Certification programs for next season
  • End-of-season member and staff surveys
  • Financial reconciliation from this season
  • Membership customer service
  • Next edition of the rule book
  • Ongoing federal and state law compliance
  • Outreach with cities who might want to bid on future USQ events
  • Policy changes for next season
  • Strategic plan goals

It’s an unsettling time for everyone at the moment, but USQ is hoping that those who are able to will consider supporting this campaign through either making a donation, becoming a member, or purchasing some merchandise. For those who are unable to make a financial contribution, USQ is looking for players and fans to get in touch and share their stories of how quidditch has had an effect on their lives. These stories will be used as part of the fundraising campaign.

To find out all the ways to support the USQ fundraiser, head to the USQ website.

Lucy O'Shea

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