Epic Universe Expansion to Feature Two Ministries of Magic?

There are new rumors circulating about Universal Orlando Resort’s upcoming theme park, Epic Universe. There is now speculation that the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Epic Universe will have not one, but TWO Ministries of Magic! Orlando ParkStop shared the latest ideas on the expansion on its website.

We know this expansion will be built a few miles south of the existing Universal Orlando Resort and will include four themed lands. The confirmed lands so far are Super Nintendo World and a new location in the Wizarding World. Orlando ParkStop has speculated for a while that the lands would be based on locations from the Fantastic Beasts series. The French Ministry seems to be a top pick for this, but now there’s a new rumor saying the plans include the British Ministry of Magic. Will we be seeing BOTH Ministries in this expansion?

The latest episode of ParkStop Podcast discussed the plans, and it seems like there will be more to this Epic Universe expansion than originally thought.


Concept art for Universal Orlando Resort's new theme park, Epic Universe.

Epic Universe concept art with Wizarding World expansion on top right


The new speculation is that the left side of the land will be the British Ministry of Magic. As the podcasters discovered, however, it seems like this was the original plan all along but was simply overlooked until now. The top right is said to be based on Paris and the French Ministry of Magic from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.


Epic Universe Wizarding World Concept

Outline of Wizarding World attractions in Epic Universe


A new permit for Epic Universe was recently filed with Orange County, Florida, which gave a better layout and more details of the expansion. The image above is the rumored sizing, location, and attractions for Epic Universe. The red area will be the British Ministry, featuring a theater attraction and an interior street area. The idea is that guests will enter the Ministry through the Floo Network and will be transported to the iconic fountain and statues we’re familiar with from the films. There are no clear plans of what the theater attraction will be yet, but we can come up with a few fun guesses. The green area will be the French Ministry; perhaps there will be a Portkey waiting for guests to transport them there from the British Ministry? The blue areas are said to be Paris-themed shops and restaurants.

We know that the British Ministry is featured in the Harry Potter films as well as in the Fantastic Beasts films. This is one of the iconic locations that we’ve not seen re-created by Universal Parks & Resorts, and it would thrill fans of both film series. These are rumors right now, but we can stay hopeful that we will see these attractions when Epic Universe is complete.

What location do you want to see brought to life at Epic Universe? Let us know in the comments!

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