BREAKING NEWS – WETS Protests Continue with the Declaration of Squib Rights at 2020 Wizolympics

This is Amadeus Corvus-Pes Venator with an update on the WETS protests and the Bin It to Win It boycott.

Earlier today, a pamphlet that was a list of demands from Squibs began circulating around the Wizolympic grounds. Russetta Tater was quick to say she was not the author. One popular belief is that the document was written by the Macmillan siblings. Eliana Yamamoto, Doppo the Demiguise’s handler, set a stack of the pamphlets out, hoping to lure the elusive Demiguise. But Yamamoto was distracted by an archery team trotting by. The distraction was long enough for Doppo to take the pamphlets and circulate the text across the park without getting caught.

The Daily Prophet was able to attain a copy of the pamphlet and has attached it below.


The Declaration of Squib Rights

We the Squibs of the world declare that certain rights be given to Squibs of all nations. We have four rights we are demanding.

1. The Right of Recognition

We demand to be recognized as people with a magical heritage and people who are greatly affected by the decisions of wizards. As members of the magical community, we demand that our voices and presence be acknowledged and accepted into a magical society and be given a place at the table in national and international magical governing bodies.

2. The Right of Representation

We believe that we should not only be recognized but also have greater representation in the magical world. Bin It to Win It is the only international acknowledgment that Squibs exist. We demand to be seen as people and seen as worthy of more than cleaning up after wizards.

3. The Right to an Education

One does not need a wand to learn the subjects Astronomy, History of Magic, and Muggle Studies. We demand that a school be set up for Squibs to be able to take these classes so we are not denied our birthright.

4. The Right to Employment

There are many occupations in the magical community beyond serving as cleaners. Squibs could be nannies, bookkeepers, shop owners, human & being resource managers, solicitors, artists, writers, reporters, editors, language translators, photographers, entertainers, clerks, or teachers for the subjects that do not require a wand.

Since some witches and wizards believe Squib lines produce Muggle-borns, it is in our best interests to keep Squibs aware of the heritage and a part of wizarding society so that these children can be introduced to the magical world before their schooling begins. We demand action in order to make these a reality.

Every potential Bin It to Win It participant and member of WETS (104 people in total)

Olivia Poncho, the popular Bin It to Win It champion, had the largest signature on the document.


Two minutes ago, I received word that President Adelaide Berger of the International Wizolympic Committee has agreed to sit down with WETS representatives as soon as possible to discuss implementing safety precautions for contestants and other possible changes the Games can make to be Squib inclusive. I’ll keep you informed of updates as I receive them.