CC #427: Week of August 9, 2020

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Harry: “Ron, if we make odd faces and stare off into space, do you think Hermione will notice we’re copying her homework?”

Ron: “Oh no, ‘It’s Win-gar-dium Levi-o-sa.’ Look away, Harry. She’s come to correct us.”

Harry: “Looks like rain.”
Ron: “And the paper said it would be sunny; they always get it wrong!”

Ron learned a hard lesson that morning: Just because owl post is over doesn’t mean that owl poop won’t happen.
—Friend of Fawkes

Harry: “It’s so weird being in the magical world. Right now, it looks like the ceiling is collapsing on us, but I know it’s just an illusion.”
Ron: “Wait, what?!”

Harry: (lost deep in thought) “Why is it always Neville?”
—Haley M.

Me, visiting the Sistine Chapel.

Harry: “Um, Hermione, is it normal for Dobby and Kreacher to be riding owls while pouring bottles of Swelling Solution on the Slytherins?”
Hermione: “Um, no.”
—Luna L.

Harry: “Wow, what could be inside that broom-shaped parcel?”
Ron: “I don’t know, man. Maybe it’s an oven mitt?”

Ron: “Telling me I can’t concentrate. How dare they! I’ll prove them wrong. I’ll do my assigned reading in one go, no distractions. That’ll show them!”
Harry: “Oh my God! Look over there.”
Ron: “Can’t fool me.”
Girl in back: “That’s astounding. Anyone who misses out on this will regret it for the rest of their lives.”
Ron: “Noooooo distractions!”

When a person a foot taller than you sits beside you.

Ron: “Look, this says that someone broke into Gringotts.”
Harry: “Hey, I went there with Hagrid!”
Ron: “The vault in question was number 713.”
Harry: “That’s the vault Hagrid and I went to!”
Ron: “The break-in occurred on the 31st of July.”
Harry: “That’s my birthday, the same day we were there!”
Ron: “The perpetrators were a large bearded man and a boy with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.”

Harry: “Ron, who’s that up there?”
Ron: “Oh, that’s Charlie and his grandpa Joe. Sometimes Dumbledore lets them visit and drink sodas here.”





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