Pour Judgement, a New Bar Featuring 269 Different Shots, Creates Specialty “Harry Potter” Drink

Calling all Harry Potter fans over the age of 21! Sorry, minors, you’ll have to sit this one out. It’s officially the weekend in a post-COVID world. You’re ready to loosen up a little bit and head out for a nice night with friends. But if you’re bored of your regular hangout spot, then you have something to look forward to come the end of CDC-recommended social distancing measures. Pour Judgement is a new bar in St. Petersburg, Florida, with a knack for specialty shots.

The bar has a full menu of 269 shots to choose from. Each one is unique and has a flavor to call its own. Many of the drinks include liquor that bar aficionados might recognize. However, the real fun is when the candy, fruit, flowers, fire, and themes come into the mix. There is little doubt that picky drinkers will be able to find something that suits their style. If you find one that suits you, go ahead and order the same thing as a regular-size cocktail.

If a bar has that many drinks to choose from, it’s no surprise there’s a Harry Potter beverage in there somewhere. After a few “Expecto Patronum” shots, you will have all the liquid courage you need to fight an army of Dementors. The delicate-looking drink will pack a punch seeing as it’s made with just Patrón tequila and blue Pixy Stix.


Credit: Pour Judgement


Pirates of the Caribbean seems to be a popular theme, because… well… rum. The “Why’s the Rum Gone?” shot will be for those who are brave enough to face the flames.


Credit: Pour Judgement


Pour Judgement comes from the hard work of Melissa Powell. A bartender of over 10 years, Powell has managed to pull off a very delicious feat. Not only is she responsible for the concoctions at Pour Judgment, but she is also behind the crew of One Night Stand Bar, also in downtown St. Petersburg. In addition to the handcrafted drinks, Pour Judgement promises to provide guests with an authentic St. Petersburg experience. The interior is decorated with murals of the Sunshine City. Sandwiches are the bar’s food of choice and are designed around local flavor.

Now, 269 shots are a lot, and it’s going to take some time to get through them all. On the bright side, the bar has given guests an incentive. The first person to try every drink on the menu will win a prize. We will note here that you should definitely not attempt 269 shots in a single sitting. That’s the definition of poor judgment. That being said, if you are someone who eventually tastes all these delicious treats, please drop us a line and tell us all about it!

Check out Pour Judgement on Instagram for new drinks and updates on opening day.


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