Total Quidditch Creates European All-Time Fantasy Tournament

A Muggle quidditch community page called Total Quidditch has decided to start creating its own fantasy tournaments in Europe. The European All-Time Tournament follows the Eighth Man‘s format because it was inspired by its last fantasy tournaments.

There are only a few adjustments because there is little difference between American and European quidditch. The main difference is that European teams and All-Time Fantasy both use the rulebook by the International Quidditch Association. Another difference is that players are drafted only from club teams and not from college teams, like in the All-Campus Fantasy Tournament. That might be because there aren’t college teams in Europe or because they are considered to be club teams.

Everything else remains the same. There are eight general managers who have been selected so far. Three of them are from the United Kingdom, two from Belgium, two from Norway, and one from Italy. Now they need to select 16 players for their teams. Every player who has ever played a quidditch match for any European club team can be drafted. Even general managers can be drafted for one. The drafting happens every Friday through a livestream on Total Quidditch’s Facebook page. Seven players per team have been drafted already.



The European All-Time Fantasy Tournament started while the end of the Eighth Man’s Fantasy Fantasy Tournaments was close. The results of the Fantasy Fantasy Tournaments are already known. The final winner of the All-Campus Fantasy Tournament was Sena Morimoto and his team; the winner by fan voting was Naresh Edala and his team. The overall winner of the All-Timer Fantasy Tournament was Hank Dugie and his team, who were not only the final winners but also won by fan voting.