Wizolympics 2020: Table Tennis Final

Welcome back to our 24/7 coverage of the 492nd Wizolympics. I’m Veritaserum News Network reporter Beatrice Witherthorp. We here at VNN, the official network of the Wizolympics, have teamed up with the Daily Prophet to make sure you’re covered from print to broadcast.

We’re here in Tokyo, where the final table tennis match is about to begin. Just like during the qualifying match, the stands are packed with table tennis fans. Once again, officials were unable to keep the crowd size down for social distancing since this bunch skipped the lines where mediwizards are using Probity Probes to check temperatures and instead, Apparated directly into their seats. It really has been an organizational nightmare getting this particular crowd to obey those health precautions. At least they all have their Bubble-Head Charms in place.

If we turn our attention down to the center of the arena, we’ll see that our two competitors have taken their positions on either side of the glowing line on the floor, with the table positioned directly in between them. Both competitors have conjured their rackets on the end of their wands and are in the ready stance, prepared to start battering the table back and forth over the line.

Representing China, we have Jingfei Liu, a rising star in the sport who seems to have quickly become a shooting star this month during her first Wizolympics Games. Opposite her is Sweden’s Elias Nilsson, who finds himself here in the final match after a grossly illegal play in the qualifying round that went unchecked. In my opinion, the lack of disciplinary action taken toward Nilsson is further proof that referee Thomspon Haggelstorm really should retire.

Speaking of Haggelstorm, the former coach turned referee is raising his whistle to his lips… and we’re off!

The table has now levitated, and Liu takes the first swing. She’s the favorite to win the Galleon medal this year. After Nilsson’s obvious cheating, it’s no wonder why.

The volley is rapid and intense. The crowd has gone unusually silent. It’s all they can do to map the progress of the table back and forth. There’s no way they could multitask to carry on a conversation with their mates or holler and cheer. Save for the splintering of wood upon every contact between racket and table, you could hear a pin drop in here.

After an especially rapid return by Nilsson, Liu doesn’t have time to react, and the table slams to the ground on her side of the line. That’s one point to Nilsson. No matter, Liu will recover, I’m sure of it.

Six minutes later…

Things have quickly escalated here in the arena. The two athletes are giving this all they’ve got, and as a result, the table is flying well out of the boundaries of the court. Referee Haggelstorm is not enforcing the rule of staying within the court boundaries but instead appears to be casting a series of charms on his mustache, trying out varying lengths and styles. Meanwhile, the stands are in ruins and several fans have been escorted away by mediwizards, displaying a variety of injuries ranging from splinters from the wooden table to concussions and lost limbs.

The score currently stands at ten points for Jinfei Liu and eight for Elias Nilsson. Liu needs only one more point to win this thing.

You can see the determination and concentration on her face as she throws everything she’s got behind her racket, hurling the table back to Elias Nilsson time after time. She winds up and hits the table with all her might with that magical racket. It streaks through the air, well above Nilsson’s head and out of his reach. The table slams into the back wall of the arena, above the heads of the remaining brave spectators. It ricochets off the wall and now missing all its legs but one, collides with the back of Nilsson’s head. He crumples to the floor, and the table settles heavily on top of him.

That’s the winning point! Liu has done it! She’s taking home a Galleon medal in table tennis for China!

Nilsson has now had a taste of his own medicine, lying in a heap on the arena floor. Don’t worry about him. Mediwizards are heading out there now to clean things up.

What an exciting final match here in Tokyo! Be sure to check back in with us again tomorrow for more on the 492nd Wizolympic Games.

For now, I’m Beatrice Witherthorp with Veritaserum News Network, signing out!


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