Come Read My Favorite Incorrect “Harry Potter” Quotes with Me – Part 2

Hi there, it’s me again – still procrastinating and still finding jollies from the plethora of amateur comedians online. And what better time than now to take a moment and just enjoy yourself? I’m not sure how you feel, but I think that regardless of the current viral situation from you-know-what (that’s what I call it now), everyone deserves a giggle.

So here I am once more, wanting to show you my favorite incorrect quotes from my favorite hilaritive hole online: Tumblr. If you haven’t checked Tumblr out already, then I highly recommend taking the time to do so. It’s a relative rabbit warren of fabulous writers, comedians, photographers, and you name it, producing their work for free. If you have an urge to view pictures of, I don’t know, dogs dressed in bee costumes, Tumblr will have it. (Seriously, they have it.)

Three disclaimers: I am biased towards the Marauders (especially Sirius Black), there may be some swear words in here, and a lot of these Tumblrs – though so witty and wise – have other content rated 18+, so please use discretion when searching them online.

Here we go, starting off with the big dogs: Sirius Black. (See what I did there?)




Yes, Tina got a look in. I imagine this is what her and Newt’s relationship is exactly like, don’t you?







A lot of the quotes come from comedy TV shows, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Can you figure out which ones? (Answers below.)




We know Hermione.



Sage advice.




Ten points to your House if you can guess who originally said this.




I love you, Luna.




And finally…



Well, there you have it. Did you enjoy these oratorical fireworks? Did your character assumptions match up to these quotes well? Let us know if there are any we missed and remember that whatever you are doing, if you do it with confidence, nothing else matters. (Except illegal stuff, don’t do that.)

*Writing sources used: Artemis Fowl; The West Wing; New Girl; Someecards; The Good Place; Unknown; Three Dark Crowns; Parks and Recreation; Parks and Recreation; Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Twitter; New Girl; Parks and Recreation; incorrectquotesideas.tumblr; Doctor Who.


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