Designer Behind Hagrid’s Hut Rental Creates Gryffindor-Inspired Holiday Cottage

Remember the groundskeeper’s cottage, a fabulous holiday home in Yorkshire, England, that is a luxurious take on Hagrid’s hut as familiar to fans of the Harry Potter books and movies? Designer and entrepreneur Carol Cavendish surprised us by opening another extension to the magical getaway spot. The new addition is called “the Dorm,” and it is a stylish take on the Gryffindor common room and dormitory. Have a look at the dream destination below and join us in our awe.

Cavendish has been a big Harry Potter fan ever since she was a child and grew to love reading the books despite her dyslexia. You can’t say she isn’t living the dream as an adult. Just 18 months after opening the groundskeeper’s cottage to the public, she has finished work on the Dorm. The new, Gryffindor dormitory-inspired holiday cottage has a luxurious bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, four-poster beds that look as convincing as if they were straight-up stolen from Universal Studios, and a cozy sitting room area with comfy sofas and armchairs around a crackling fireplace. With the cold season right on our doorstep, what could be a better destination for a holiday?


The Dorm holiday home has a spacious, dim living area surrounded by four-poster beds very like in te Gryffindor dormitories.

The Dorm sitting room area, complete with fairy lights and a fireplace, is spacious enough for all the guests.


The bathroom has familiar details from the movies, such as the mermaid stained glass window from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. You won’t lack in luxury with the gold shell washbasins and the Gothic style mirrors.


The Dorm has a shower with the mermaid stain glass decoration familiar from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


The Dorm accommodation has luxurious gold shell basins in the bathroom and a gothic style gilded mirror.


The Dorm is a dream destination for fans. It costs £50 ($64.24) a night per person, and it sleeps up to six guests, who each get their very own four-poster bed complete with red curtains.


There are six four-poster beds in THe Dorm accommodation that look exactly like the beds in the Gryffindor dormitories of the movies.


You don’t need wands to conjure up a magical evening in this holiday home. The dining room is pretty fancy to look at, and there is a fully equipped kitchen that even Molly Weasley would be pleased with.


The Dorm accommodation has a luxurious, gothic and Harry Potter-inspired dining room that sits six. There is oak panelling and deep blue walls.


The kitchen at The Dorm holiday home resembles that in the Burrow.


Tourists in search of a quiet trip will be pleased to hear that the Dorm is part of the six-acre North Shire holiday campsite near Liverton, Yorkshire, just by the North York Moors National Park. Cavendish created the holiday spot precisely with the escapist traveler in mind:

Today, when there’s so much fear around the pandemic, people are looking for ways they can step back from reality for a short time and be comforted in a world of make-believe, which is just what [t]he Dorm aims to do, along with our other accommodation.

Check out North Shire’s website to see its full list of magical accommodations, which include a Lord of the Rings-inspired “Shire House,” a luxury, fairytale nook called “Le Petit Chateau,” and more. Travel in style, witches and wizards, and don’t forget: Only broom parking is allowed. 


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