Sorting “Legend of Korra” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Fans of Harry Potter and the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe seem to have a lot of crossover – and no wonder! They’re both amazing universes. If you missed our post Sorting the gang from Avatar, check it out here. Otherwise, let’s take a look at the characters from Legend of Korra, the next show set in the Avatar world, and see which Houses the members of Team Avatar belong in.




1. Korra – Gryffindor



Korra could probably give Harry a run for his money to see who is the most Gryffindor-y Gryffindor the House has ever seen. She is brave to a fault, always thinking she can find the solution to a problem by jumping into things without much thought or preparation. Like Harry, she acts on her immediate emotions and lets them guide her decisions. She is impatient and itching to get into action, and she has no patience for any sort of weakness in herself, holding her abilities to an impossibly high standard. Throughout the series, Korra learns a great deal about herself and about power, trust, and recovery. Like Harry, she learns that while her strength is more than she ever imagined, forgiveness is perhaps the greatest of them all.


2. Mako – Slytherin



Mako is set up as a bit of a brooding heartthrob at the beginning of the series, but don’t let that fool you. Mako is a bit standoffish at first, determined to meet his goals and uninterested in anybody who can’t help him get there. Like many Slytherins, he’s proud and ambitious, but these are the skills that helped him keep himself and his younger brother, Bolin, alive during their time on the streets. As the series progresses, Mako finds himself learning to trust his friends and colleagues and even chooses to put their safety, and the safety of the people of the Earth Kingdom, above his own.


3. Bolin – Hufflepuff



Funny and carefree even when things aren’t looking great for him, Bolin doesn’t take anything too seriously, and his allegiances are easily swayed by promises of do-gooding. Despite proving himself an expert Earthbender in the pro Bending tournaments and as a member of Team Avatar, he is a bit self-conscious about his own abilities. Of course, he discovers he has a power that is rare among all sorts of Earthbenders – rarer even than the Metalbending he struggles to master. Though he wants to believe in the good of everyone – including Varrick and Kuvira – Bolin ultimately chooses the right path time and again, whatever the risk. 


4. Asami – Gryffindor



Of all the members of Team Avatar, Asami is faced early on with the most difficult decision many of them will face – to turn against someone they hold dear – but Asami commits to what she knows is right despite the heavy toll. One of the savviest members of the group, Asami single-handedly takes over Future Industries after her father’s arrest and proves over and over her value and smarts as part of the crime-fighting team despite being the only non-bender. It’s no wonder she’s such a good match for a certain other Gryffindor gal!


5. Tenzin – Ravenclaw



One of the wonderful elements of Legend of Korra is the exploration of some of the adult characters and the impact of growing up the child of a famous Bender. Tenzin, as the only (born) Airbender child of Aang and Katara, finds the pressure of carrying on his father’s intentions and rebuilding the Air Nation an almost impossible weight. Perhaps because of this, or simply because he is Katara’s son, Tenzin is a by-the-book Ravenclaw. He is careful to think things through and seek knowledge in tradition before acting, and he struggles to alter his perceptions of how things should be done. He is a classic over-achiever in the sense that he constantly strives for perfection.


6. Jinora – Gryffindor/Ravenclaw Hatstall



The youngest member of the team – since her brother and sister don’t get to see a ton of action until later in the series – Jinora is wise beyond her years. She falls easily into both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. She values history, knowledge, and learning above all else, but she is also an extremely brave and determined young person. Jinora’s connection with the Spirit World goes beyond anything we see in all of the Avatar universe. Her ability to spiritually project herself not only to the Spirit World but also throughout the human world demonstrates how unrivaled her connection to the spirits really is, and it proves to be the saving grace of Team Avatar on more than one occasion.




There you have it! Team Avatar is made of up a wide-ranging group of individuals, each with their own set of strengths and struggles. Without her pals, Korra wouldn’t have been able to face down the villains of the world – both internally and externally.


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