The Golden Snitch Flies into Jelly Belly’s “Harry Potter” Collection

Honeydukes and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes better watch out! Jelly Belly will soon be a real competitor for the best sweets in town as it expands its Harry Potter collection once again. This fall, milk chocolate Golden Snitches will be flying onto shelves to complement the company’s existing range of treats.

With a weight of 1.65 ounces, the ball of milk chocolate features an intricate design that closely resembles the original Golden Snitch from the Potter films. It comes in a beautifully designed Quidditch-themed box that is accented with gold foil and contains a mini rule sheet explaining the significance of the coveted Golden Snitch on the pitch. This scrumptious snack will be hitting stores in the fall, just before the festive period begins. Product ingredients have yet to be released, so check Jelly Belly’s website periodically for updates if you have any food allergies.


Jelly Belly's chocolate Golden Snitch is pictured.

Fancy swallowing a Golden Snitch like Harry did at his first Quidditch match? Now you’ve got the chance with this chocolate replica!


The Golden Snitch joins Jelly Belly’s wide array of Harry Potter confectioneries, including Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, gummi creatures, and chocolate replicas of wands and Hogwarts crests! Regardless of whether you’ve got a sweet or sour tooth, there’s a snack for everyone.


Jelly Belly's Harry Potter chocolate wands are featured.

What does a wand taste like when it’s eaten?


Will you be trying out the Golden Snitch when it’s available?


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