Hamwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for Hamsters

Do you ever wish your pets could experience the magic of Harry Potter just like you did? United Kingdom native Lisa Murray-Lang put in days of work to re-create magical scenes from movies and television for her Syrian hamster, Spud.

Murray-Lang, who is a former graphic designer and petsitter, found herself looking to stay busy when the UK went on lockdown in March. One of Murray-Lang’s friends sent her a video of guinea pigs in a mini art gallery, and her idea for Hamwarts was born.


Spud the Hamster at Hamwarts

Spud the hamster hanging out at “Hamwarts”


It took up to three days for each set to be complete. Murray-Lang has re-created Hogwarts and a Coronation Street set known as Rodent’s Return. These specially made set adventures have also let Spud visit the government building 10 Downing Street in London and the National Gallery. Murray-Lang loves providing these adventures for Spud.

Spud loves it – he’s always excited for his next adventure. Every time I get him out and it’s just to go in his ball, now he’s disappointed.


Spud the hamster at his personal bar

Spud the hamster hanging out in his own personal bar created by his owner


Murray-Lang has found miniature doll furniture to replicate scenes and even a tiny pair of glasses so Spud could look like Harry Potter. She handcrafted tiny barstools and hamster-themed artwork out of cardboard and other various materials for the set walls. She describes this hobby as something fun and a good focus for the current time. She is hoping to turn Spud’s adventures into children’s books one day.

This is a creative way to let your pets experience some magic. Who’s going to get started on a unique Harry Potter-inspired set for their pet? Let us know and show us some photos!


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