CC #431: Week of October 4, 2020

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Ginny: “Neville, stop texting and pay attention.”

Ginny squirmed, feeling guilty, as the rest of the DA mourned the loss of the Death Eater dummy that she destroyed.

How not to quarantine:
– No masks
– No social distancing
– More than ten people in one setting
– Not even any fun party games

Luna Lovegood: “Sorry to interrupt. I just thought Fred was a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.”

Looking around the room, Ginny hoped all these other people really were here to learn Defense Against the Dark Arts because she’d hate to compete with all of them for Harry’s affections.

When you were promised goats but there are none.
—Summer Mallory

Ginny: “Hey, what’s Nigel doing here? As a second year, he shouldn’t be able to go to Hogsmeade.”

When you’re invited to a birthday party but a lot of strangers are there and the person who invited you is gone.

Harry: “I’m not gonna talk about Cedric, so if that’s why you’re here, clear out now.”
(A beat)
Everyone: (leaves)

My 20 remaining brain cells thinking about school tomorrow.

Fred: “So, we’re twins, and you’re twins. What if we–”
Parvati: “No.”

“Cheer up, everybody! This isn’t a Deathday Party.”
—Delano B.

Luna: “Is it true you can produce a Patronus Charm?”
Hermione: “Yes. I’ve seen it.”
Dean: “Blimey, Harry! I didn’t know you could do that!”
Neville: “And he killed a basilisk, with the sword in Dumbledore’s office.”
Ginny: “It’s true.”
Ron: “Third year, he fought off about a hundred Dementors at once.”
Hermione: “And last year, he really did ask a girl to the Yule Ball.”
Harry: “My greatest challenge yet.”
Cho: (shuffles awkwardly)





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