Process for IQA Referee Certification Changes

After the new rulebook for the 2020–2021 season was released, the International Quidditch Association (IQA) announced changes to the referee certification in Muggle quidditch. The IQA also introduced its new referee training.

We will be moving from our previously used testing-is-training system to a resource-based training system, which integrates into the changes to the testing system.

There is a new timekeeper/scorekeeper certification, which is mandatory for those who want to have head referee certification. The IQA also strongly recommends this certification for those who want to be a timekeeper or scorekeeper during games. Assistant referee certification also became mandatory for gaining access to snitch referee certification.

Every referee certified under the 2018–2020 rulebook now has the option for recertification. That means that referees who were certified under the previous rulebook have to take a single test, even for those who have more certifications. For example, head referees have to take only the head referee recertification test. If they pass, they will get all four certifications for the 2020–2021 season. The difference between recertification and initial certification is that the recertification test is primarily focused on the changes in the rules. Referees have three attempts for every recertification. If they fail in all of them, they can still try to pass the initial certification test.

Currently, there are four referee positions in the 2020–2021 Referee Certification Policy: timekeeper/scorekeeper, assistant referee, snitch referee, and head referee. Certification tests can be taken following registration on the IQA referee website and can be taken anytime and anywhere. Every test is free, except head referee certification, which has a $15 fee. Every prospective referee has six attempts for every certification test. If a prospective referee fails in all of their attempts, they will not be granted certification for the season.


A diagram illustrating the paths to the different types of IQA referee certification is shown.

A diagram illustrates the paths to the different IQA referee certifications.


The IQA will host livestream training on the IQA YouTube channel. The IQA staff want to make between six and twelve resource presentation videos and then provide a livestream after a week for any questions people have about the presented material. Although the videos will be in English, IQA translators will work on captions and subtitles for as many languages as possible. The referee certification test is already translated into French, Catalan, and Spanish.

The IQA training sessions are not mandatory for referees, but attending them will have benefits. Referees who watch at least half of the resource presentation videos will be eligible to take the recertification test in the next rulebook season. The IQA will keep track of which referees have watched at least half of the videos through a random code in every resource presentation. Each referee will have 28 days to enter the code into the IQA Match Official Training Registration Form. Referees who do not attend the IQA training will have to take the initial certification tests next season.

What do you think of the IQA’s changes to referee certification? Tell us in the comments below!


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