Sorting the Characters from “Nevermoor” into Hogwarts Houses

Many of us Potterheads are also super fans of other book series. For me, that includes Jessica Townsend’s brilliant MG series, Nevermoor. To celebrate the release of the third book in the series today, Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow, I Sorted the main characters from the books into their respective Hogwarts Houses.




1. Morrigan – Hufflepuff


Portrait drawing of Morrigan from 'Nevermoor'


Our heroine of the series, Morrigan Crow, is a little bit brave, a little bit unsure, but always exactly herself. Morrigan is a compelling character for me because she doesn’t always have the answers. Raised as a Cursed Child and the blame that came with it, she still manages to grip tightly to her own weird, wonderful sense of self. I feel like it says a lot that her favorite item in her ever-changing room at the Hotel Deucalion is her eight-armed tickling octopus chair. Stay weird, Mog!

Her dread was keeping company with some other, much subtler feeling. A tiny background hum of vindication. What was so mundane, after all, about being a Wundersmith?” (Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow 503)


2. Jupiter – Gryffindor


Portrait drawing of Jupiter from 'Nevermoor'


Jupiter is charismatic, enthusiastic, and always desirous of helping those in need. He seems to be a member of a zillion different Nevermoorian societies, which means that sometimes he is spread too thin. Jupiter jumps into every situation with pizzaz, confidence, and a zest for the dramatic. You get the sense that Jupiter is always juggling five more (figurative) balls than he has hands for – but not only can he still put on the most spectacular juggling show you’ve ever seen, he’ll also be the best-dressed juggler in all of the Seven Pockets.

Ginger was an understatement, Morrigan thought, trying to hide her astonishment as the hat came off. Ginger of the Year, or King Ginger or Big Gingery President of the Ginger Foundation for the Incurable Ginger would have have been more accurate.” (Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow 56)


3. Hawthorne – Gryffindor


Portrait drawing of Hawthrone from 'Nevermoor'


Hawthorne is a classic Gryffindor – always up for an adventure, always ready to jump into the fray whether he’s got a plan or not – but I suppose you have to be ready for anything to become the finest dragonrider in Nevermoor’s junior league. Hawthorne is loud and unapologetically enthusiastic. He’s extremely loyal, always ready with a good quip, and a nut for sweets – not to mention his wacky, lovable family who could give even the Weasleys a run for their Galleons!

It wasn’t that she hadn’t believed Hawthorne would be good, exactly. It was just that this poised, dazzling dragonrider was hard to reconcile with the boy who had once spent an afternoon showing her how he could make fart noises with his armpits.” (Nevermoor 388-9)


4. Cadence – Slytherin


Portrait drawing of Candence from Nevermoor


Cadence starts off the series with a ruthless sense of competition – which makes for some friction between her and Morrigan. Her determination to get into the Wundrous Society left her with no qualms about using her Knack to get ahead in the Trials, but without her, Morrigan would never have stayed in Nevermoor, and she would be far worse off without Cadence’s friendship.

Miss Cheery nodded to where Cadence sat glaring stormily at them. The entire unit – except for Morrigan – turned to her with looks of surprise, as if they’d only just noticed she was sitting there. (They had only just noticed she was sitting there.)” (Wundersmith 80)


5. Jack – Ravenclaw


Portrait drawing of Jack from 'Nevermoor'


While Jack and Morrigan got off to a rocky start, their friendship blossoms throughout the series. Jack values practicing his cello and studying for school, and if he and Mog sometimes compete for Jupiter’s attention, he’s still always there when she needs him. Jack himself has some hidden talents he is both at times uncomfortable with and in need of cultivating. He’s got a seemingly unlimited supply of sass, but it’s tempered (if such a thing is even needed) by his sometimes gruff but endless supply of care.

Jack had come home for the Christmas holidays a few days earlier, and had been doing his utmost to annoy Morrigan ever since.” (Nevermoor 326)


6. Ezra Squall – Slytherin


Portrait drawing of Ezra from 'Nevermoor'


Squall is a wonderfully crafty villain. When we know him as Mr. Jones, he seems kindly, if a little sinister, but the truth about Ezra Squall – who he is and what he’s done – is a horrifying one. Once a member of the Free State of Nevermoor, the atrocities he committed in the Battle of Courage Square (long before Morrigan arrived on the scene) are stark proof of the lengths he’ll go to try to gain power over the Nevermoorians. But I have a sneaky suspicion that there is more to Squall than we might suspect.

The pale, expressionless mask had slipped to reveal the beast inside, the black eyes and blackened mouth and sharp, bared teeth. The Shadow hounds whined. Even they were afraid of him.” (Hollowpox 304)



There you have it, the Houses of all our Nevermoor faves. Happy publication day to Jessica Townsend and Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow. I can’t wait to see where these characters take us next!


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