Eleven Scariest “Harry Potter” Movie Moments

I’ve already looked at some of the lightest and most comedic moments in the Harry Potter series, and since it’s Halloween, I thought it would be good to look at the scariest and darkest moments in the film series.


Fluffy’s Introduction



This is the first adventure the trio go on together. Running away from Filch, they end up finding themselves in the same room as Fluffy. Turning around and seeing a giant three-headed dog with teeth larger than your hand is enough to terrify anyone.


Meeting Aragog and His Family



I completely understand Ron’s fear of spiders and how it might have been intensified after his and Harry’s journey into the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Seeing all those smaller spiders at first, and then meeting the giant Aragog with his large eyes and legs, is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.


The Basilisk



A giant snake that can petrify you if you look it in the eye, has venomous fangs, and can crush you to death while you’re trapped in a passage is enough to scare anyone.


The Dementors’ Introduction



With their fully cloaked, floating bodies and scabbed hands, I can totally understand why Harry is not a fan of these awful beings. That’s not even to mention that Harry hearing his parents’ final moments adds another horrific layer to the Dementors’ presence.


Lupin’s Transformation



Everything about this scene is dark and terrifying. Watching the friendly professor we’ve seen all movie go from a human to suddenly having a grotesque snout and lupine features, ultimately ending up as a foe, is chilling.


The Maze



The final task in the Triwizard Tournament was filled with creepy creatures and scary spells. In the film, we see a vicious, Imperiused Krum and murderous vines that kept trying to capture Cedric. Why the teachers and other adults thought this was a good idea for teenagers to overcome is beyond me.


The Graveyard



This entire sequence, from Cedric and Harry’s entrance until Harry leaves with Cedric’s dead body, is incredibly dark and horrifying. It’s particularly creepy when Wormtail brings Voldemort to life. This turning point in the series got really dark really quickly.


Dementors in Little Whinging



What started off as a normal day for Harry took a rather unexpected and terrifying turn when he and Dudley encountered this horrible part of the magical world. Seeing Harry trapped in a Dementor’s clutches and about to get the Dementor’s Kiss is haunting.


Inferi Coming Out of the Lake



A single Inferius on its own is awful and creepy, but Harry facing a bunch of them, all while having to ensure that a compromised Dumbledore is all right, is awful to watch. I’m glad this was not a frequently used creature.


Nagini’s Emergence from Bathilda



When Harry and Hermione go to Bathilda’s house and she separates the two of them, the slow music and dark setting amps up the suspense, culminating in Nagini emerging from Bathilda. This was a great scare on its own but intensified when we saw Hermione figure it out and race back to Harry.


Bellatrix Torturing Hermione



Seeing Hermione being tortured and suffering so much while Bellatrix is above her, taking such pleasure in the pain she causes, is hard and horrible to watch. 


What do you think of these dark and scary moments? Are there any others you would include? Let us know in the comments!


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