Keep Track of Your Little Witch or Wizard’s Magical Moments with the “Harry Potter” Little Keeper Baby Album from Con*Quest Journals!

Are you expecting? Do you know someone who is a die-hard Potter fan and also a parent-to-be? Well, look no further for the perfect gift – even if it’s just to treat yourself! This gray linen Harry Potter-themed journal has 66 pages for collecting all of your magical memories from the baby shower through age 5 and the first day of school.


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Little Keeper Baby Album (front cover)

Little Keeper Baby Album


Also included is a removable Hogwarts acceptance letter that you can give to your own little witch or wizard when they turn 11. I can’t wait to give it to my future Hogwarts student.


Little Keeper Baby Album name and birthdate spread

Little Keeper Baby Album name and birthdate spread


The journal is a covered spiral for lay-flat ease of use and includes a pocket on the back cover for extra memory space and two sticker sheets. These stickers are a great way to easily attach items like ultrasound prints or newborn photos right into the album.

There’s even a page to document your baby shower. All the bases really are covered in this baby book – you’ll never have to forget a single moment of your little one’s. With month-by-month tracking, every moment you record is safe and sound for you to revisit for years to come.


Little Keeper Baby Album birth announcement spread

Little Keeper Baby Album birth announcement spread


It’s gender and family neutral and the perfect gift for the magical and Muggles alike to commemorate their new addition to the family. So whether you’re brewing a little witch or wizard, this album has you covered.


Little Keeper Baby Album sticker sheet

Little Keeper Baby Album sticker sheet


If you’re as sentimental as me, the Harry Potter Little Keeper Baby Album is a must-have for your tiny human. Whether they’re a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin-to-be, keep track of your little one’s growth with this perfectly adorable baby book. As someone who is expecting their first child, I can’t express how grateful I am that the perfect Potter journal is finally out there to help me remember every moment.

Con*Quest Journals has a large range of Harry Potter items, including this baby album, in their shop at Run, don’t walk, and definitely don’t crawl, and get yours now!

A Harry Potter Little Keeper Baby Album was provided by Con*Quest Journals. All opinions belong to the reviewer. 


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