Seven “Harry Potter” Resolutions for 2021 (And Money-Saving Tips to Help You Achieve Them!)

Who says New Year’s resolutions can’t include all things Potter? We know you have treated your favorite witches and wizards over the holidays, but now it’s time to treat yourself! To make this year one full of Potter resolutions, we have listed some magical ideas as well as some money-saving tips so you are ready for a wizarding world adventure with more Galleons in your pocket. Try not to spend them all on the trolley, dears! 

While you are making your list and saving, look no further than History Bites Tours for the best of both worlds. An experience that will surely be talked about for years to come, History Bites invites attendees to walk in the footsteps of the three greatest fantasies of all time – Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Narnia. Keep reading to learn how you can win one of the limited spots on the tour! (valued at $2,799)


1. Visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London.

Experience the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and explore iconic sets from the films. Step into the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and the Forbidden Forest while taking in the beautiful artistry in the collection.

How to achieve this goal: Starting February 1, put away $1 per day, and by April 22, you’ll have enough money to visit the studio tour and take the train to and from. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a train ride away from London and a perfect way to spend half a day immersed in the wizarding world.


Harry Potter bus in front of Warner Bros. Studios in London

Warner Bros Studio Tour London Front Entrance Bus



2. Take a ride on the Jacobite Steam Train.

Now is your chance to take a ride on the train that inspired the Hogwarts Express. You’ll pass by remarkable filming locations through the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. 

How to achieve this goal: You will be on the right track monitoring your spending by setting a monthly budget – and sticking with it. Try apps like Mint to get you started! You’ll be ahead of schedule as you cross through Platform 9 3/4 and hop onto the real-life Hogwarts Express.



History Bites – Jacobite Steam Train



3. Step into Hogwarts Library at Oxford University.

Oxford: It’s the City of Dreaming Spires and home to the 1000-year-old Oxford University. Spend two and a half days exploring the city and taking in the breathtaking architecture of the university.  

How to achieve this goal: Before hitting “add to cart,” check your local library for your next read. Whether it is an old favorite or a new bestseller, avid readers could save upwards of $50 per month. Maybe you can even get into the Restricted Section… Bring your invisibility cloak just in case!


History Bites Radcliffe Camera

Radcliffe Camera, famous landmark and library of Oxford University



4. Step into the art of Harry Potter at the House of MinaLima.

Explore the iconic graphic universe of the Potter film series in the experiential space that celebrates a passion for storytelling through pictures. Take home graphic props that were also in the Fantastic Beasts films and other award-winning materials from the Wizarding World franchise.

How to achieve this goal: Clear out space in your Potter collection for some new goodies by selling items you no longer want or need on eBay. Bring only the money raised with you so you don’t overspend. Take it a step further by looking at their magical merchandise online so you know what you will buy when you are in the store, limiting those impulse buys as much as possible.


MinaLima photo

House of MinaLima



5. Try to cross through the magical barrier at Platform 9 ¾.

Among the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross station, a photo opp awaits you as you hurry off to the Hogwarts Express. After you snap a pic racing through the barrier to Platform 9 3/4, check out the Harry Potter gift shop for some House pride!

How to achieve this goal: Eating out costs a lot of money, so prepare meals at home for a few months prior to your trip. By skipping one meal out each week, you can save up to $500 each year! With all that money saved, you won’t hesitate running through to catch your train as you head to your first Hogwarts feast in the Great Hall.


History Bites platform 9 3/4

History Bites platform 9 3/4



6. Grab a cup of coffee at the Elephant House.

Not only is the Elephant House one of the best tea and coffee houses in Edinburgh, but it is also where the Potter books were written. Check out this relaxed writer- and reader-friendly cafe in your downtime while in Scotland.

How to achieve this goal: Skip your morning Starbucks for a week so you can treat yourself to a cup at this historic cafe where Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban were mostly written. Who knows – maybe you will also be inspired to write your own brilliant fantasy series.


History Bites, Elephant House



7. Explore the birthplace of Potter: Edinburgh, Scotland.

Head to the mighty Edinburgh Castle and take in the gorgeous views that inspired the world of Harry Potter. The capital of Scotland also houses the George Heriot’s School that looks a lot like our favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry.

How to achieve this goal: Walk everywhere! Save money on taxis, trains, and Lyft by exploring the sites on foot. Edinburgh is a safe, walkable city full of magical inspiration – like Victoria Street, which bears a resemblance to Diagon Alley. 


History Bites view from Edinburgh Castle


All of these Potter resolutions can become a reality with the History Bites tour and payment plan. Worried about travel restrictions? If government restrictions prohibit you from traveling to the United Kingdom in July 2021 for the tour, a full refund will be given.

Check out for all the registration details! Each ticket includes:

  • 8 nights’ lodging in 4- and 5- star hotels
  • 8 breakfasts
  • 6 lunches
  • 3 dinners
  • Travel on a dedicated luxury coach throughout the tour
  • All entrance and guides fees
  • Ticket for the Jacobite Steam Train
  • Wireless headset
  • History Bites hat
  • History Bites T-shirt
  • Copy of The Life & Works of J.R.R. Tolkien History Bites by Solomon Schmidt
  • Copy of The Life & Works of C.S. Lewis History Bites by Solomon Schmidt
  • Copy of The Life & Works of J.K. Rowling History Bites by Solomon Schmidt (forthcoming)


Want to get two spots for the price of one? Save up for your own ticket and then enter below to win a second. Then, share it with all your friends and family, and encourage them to enter too! July 2021 will be here before we know it, and you do not want to miss out on the trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget to take Felix before entering (don’t worry, we won’t tell the Ministry).

One lucky reader will win a spot on the tour, valued at $2,799 and courtesy of History Bites! The contest is open worldwide starting December 16 and running through January 31. Full terms and conditions can be found on the History Bites website.

To enter, head over to History Bites and provide all the required information. MuggleNet is not involved in the giveaway aside from promotion, so if you have questions or concerns, please submit a question via the History Bites contact form.


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