US Quidditch Turns to “Among Us” for US Quidditch Cup 13

When US Quidditch Cup 14 was canceled, US Quidditch (USQ) decided that – instead of a Muggle quidditch tournament – there will be an online game tournament this spring. Recently, USQ announced news about USQ Cup 13: FROM HOME.

Among Us was chosen as the online game for the tournament after receiving the most votes in a form that USQ created for interested players. The game has the added benefits of being easy to access, stream, and make into a tournament format.

Registration was open until March 4 but was later extended until March 8. Both members and non-members of USQ were able to sign up for the tournament. Participation was free for members of USQ, while non-members of USQ were able to sign up for the tournament with payment of a $5 fee. Members of USQ teams without USQ membership were given a 20% off discount.

According to the recently announced schedule, USQ Cup 13: FROM HOME will be played on four qualifier dates. The first will happen on Sunday, March 21; the second will happen on Sunday, March 28; the third one will happen on Saturday, April 3; and the fourth will happen on Saturday, April 10. On each of these dates, multiple Among Us games will be played in a two-hour period. Everything will be streamed on the USQ Twitch channel.


The official schedule of US Quidditch Cup 13: FROM HOME is shown, including the date and time for each qualifier. The event is sponsored by the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and VII Apparel.


USQ has already released a schedule of who will play and when. Ten players are scheduled for each day, but there is no obligation for them to play all matches. There is only the obligation for all players to play at least one full round. The rules also account for the possibility of slow connections and specify what will happen if a player accidentally disconnects.

Anyone, imposter or crewmate, can get points according to the scoring system. Crewmates can get or lose points, depending on if their vote is correct or not. If a crewmate wins, they will get four points at the end of the match. The impostor can’t lose any points; they can only get five points if they win, and they get another point for every murder of a crewmate. Only the two players with the highest scores will advance to the final round. The final games will be played in April.


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.