The Best Husbands in the Wizarding World

The Harry Potter books have no shortage of lovely couples, but for National Husbands Day, it’s time to shed some light on the stellar husbands of the wizarding world. These men are protective, strong, hardworking, and loyal no matter what. What more could one ask from a wizard partner?




1. Arthur Weasley

If this was an official ranking, Arthur Weasley would definitely be number one! Arthur and Molly are definitely couple goals. Their personalities perfectly match each other, and there’s no doubt that their marriage will last forever. Part of the success of their relationship comes from the personal sacrifices Arthur makes. Knowing that he and Molly wanted a big family, Arthur works long hours at the Ministry to provide for them all. Plus, Molly wanted to stay at home to raise her kids, but Arthur never complained. Instead, Arthur understood that both he and his wife were working equally hard to provide for their family. Talk about an equal partnership!




2. Remus Lupin

While Tonks and Lupin’s marriage was a whirlwind romance, it’s clear the pair have always cared deeply for each other. Their devotion seems to stem from the strong friendship and trust between the pair. Although Tonks’s committed attempts to woo Lupin may make it appear that their relationship is all one-sided, real Potterheads know this not to be true. It’s not that Lupin didn’t want a relationship with Tonks, but he thought so highly of her that he thought she could do better. I can’t get over how highly Lupin thinks of her! Both of these characters are equally headstrong, and their values are perfectly in sync. Tonks teaches Lupin that he deserves to be happy, and Lupin does anything he can to protect her.




3. Bill Weasley

At first, Bill and Fleur are just seen as a handsome couple, but it’s Fleur who proclaims to his mother how much she loves him for who he is. The moment I fell in love with their relationship is at the wedding when Bill is described as looking so in love that his werewolf scars aren’t even noticeable. How romantic is that? Bill and Fleur both care deeply for their families and seem to possess the same quiet personalities. However, though usually level-headed, Bill is willing to rearrange everything in his life for Fleur. They run Shell Cottage together, and Bill allows Fleur to always be her own person.




4. James Potter

James might have been a prat as a teenager, but he grew up to be a loyal husband to Lily and a devoted father to Harry. While most of the details we learn about the Potter marriage are from their friends, all the other characters describe them as being a happy and lively pair. These two might seem to be opposites, but they are both loyal people who would do anything for each other. While reading the Harry Potter books, the moment I realized James truly cared for Lily was when he sacrificed his own life for his wife and child. 




5. Harry Potter

While we get little scene time in the final book with Harry and Ginny as a married couple, they seem to get along famously, just as they did while dating. Harry and Ginny work as a team with their kids and form a strong family unit amongst themselves. When their son Albus was nervous to go to Hogwarts, Ginny pulled the other kids to the side while Harry focused all his attention on reassuring his son. The fact that Ginny trusted Harry to calm down Albus all on his own shows how much the couple trusts each other. 




6. Ron Weasley

Ron and Hermione built up a strong foundation of trust and love from their seven years of friendship, and this doubtless impacts their romantic relationship. For example, Hermione wants Ron to take a Muggle driving test once they’re married. Since Ron comes from a pure-blood family, Hermione wants to expose their kids to Muggle culture as well. Ron is so embarrassed that he couldn’t pass the driver’s test without cheating with magic, but he agreed to take the test to please her. Not only is Ron more than willing to embrace Hermione’s background, but he is as devoted to his family as his wife is.




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